Recreational Vehicle (Rv) Bill of Sale Form

Recreational Vehicle (Rv) Bill of Sale Form

What Is a Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale is a handwritten or typed contract signed by the seller and the buyer of a recreational vehicle (RV) to confirm the vehicle in question has changed its owner.

If you are looking for an easy and legitimate way to transfer a trailer or motor vehicle used for permanent or temporary accommodation, you should prepare a formal RV Bill of Sale that will outline corresponding rights and responsibilities of the counterparts safeguarding them in the event of a future disagreement or dispute.

An RV Bill of Sale template can be downloaded below.


How to Write a Bill of Sale for an RV?

Here is how you can draft a Bill of Sale for an RV:

  1. Identify the parties to the agreement. A Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale should name the counterparts and include their contact details. Since this contract is often negotiated and signed by private individuals, it is advised to add the driver's license numbers to the text of the document.
  2. Describe the recreational vehicle that is transferred. Indicate its make, model, year, color, identification number, weight, and length. If there are additional features or modifications, you need to record them as well. Let the buyer check the odometer reading on the day you are filling out an RV Bill of Sale and enter the mileage.
  3. Specify the price of the RV and the payment method convenient for the counterparts. The agreement must clearly state whether the payment is finalized on the same day the papers are signed or the purchaser is supposed to pay later. If the second option is selected, there has to be an indication how the seller will certify the acceptance of the money - there can be an additional receipt or the parties may meet again to add another signature to the present contract.
  4. Certify the RV is sold without any liens and encumbrances that would be a burden for its new owner. This provision will be the warranty that allows the previous owner identify as such and dispose of the vehicle the way they see fit. The seller also must confirm the RV is transferred in its present condition - "as is".
  5. Sign and date the bill of sale. Consider getting a notary seal for your document. Even a simple RV Bill of Sale that does not exceed one page should be notarized to add an extra level of protection to your deal. A notary public will confirm the identities of the parties or their legal representatives certifying the authenticity of their signatures.
  6. Make sure both counterparts get a copy of the RV Bill of Sale. Once the transaction is finalized, reach out to a local DMV office to find out whether the new owner has to register the bill of sale with the county or prove their ownership in a different way - for instance, by writing their name on the certificate of title.

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