Vehicle Rental Agreement Template

Vehicle Rental Agreement Template

What Is a Vehicle Rental Agreement?

A Vehicle Rental Agreement is a legal document signed by a car owner and an individual who wants to use this vehicle temporarily for a fee. When you rent a car, you get its keys and full access to a vehicle for a negotiated period of time. Free yourself from unexpected hassle down the road - a properly drafted contract will allow you to place restrictions on mileage, the country of use, and certain users.

Alternate Name:

  • Vehicle Rental Contract.

Vehicle Rental Agreements must not be confused with Vehicle Lease Agreements. In both cases, you have to pay for access to a vehicle owned by someone else, but there are some differences. A lease means a longer-term commitment, while you rent a vehicle for less than twelve months. At the end of the lease, the lessor may offer the lessee the option to purchase the car which is less common with short-term rentals.

If you need to compose a Vehicle Rental Agreement template, you may download one below or create a more personalized document with the help of our online form builder.


What Does a Vehicle Rental Agreement Look Like?

A Car Rental Agreement usually contains the following information:

  1. The names and contact details of the parties involved.
  2. A description of the rented vehicle. Add its model, make, year, color, vehicle identification number, etc. If the car already has dents or scratches, the owner must disclose the existing damage.
  3. The duration of the agreement. Write down the start and end dates of the rental.
  4. The scope of use. This clause lets you place limitations on the vehicle user and the location of use.
  5. Rental fees and the responsibilities of the parties. The vehicle operator must deal with day-to-day maintenance, while repairs and preventative maintenance are the responsibility of the car owner. When you enter into an agreement to rent a vehicle, you take responsibility for the use of the vehicle and assume liability for third-party injuries or damage that may occur as a result of your driving.
  6. An odometer disclosure statement. The vehicle owner must disclose the current mileage of the car at the time of signing the papers.
  7. Fuel details. Usually, you rent a car with a full tank, and you have to return it full.
  8. Insurance details. Consider adding a provision to deal with possible measures for violations, accidents, and theft.
  9. A clause that will regulate termination and cancellation.
  10. The signatures of the parties or their legal representatives.

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