Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template

What Is a Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle?

A Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle is a legal agreement that provides the party purchasing a motorcycle to retain a receipt of the transaction.

Alternate Name:

  • Motorbike Bill of Sale.

This document is a requirement when the purchasing party will look to register and title the vehicle. If the vehicle is purchased using cash only, the agreement will act as the sole document to confirm that a transaction has taken place. If the purchasing party wants to request an examination of the motorcycle, to ensure that it is in good condition, this should be carried out in advance, before signing the Motorcycle Bill of Sale. The same will apply if the vehicle is gifted. The document will also include crucial records regarding the history of the motorcycle - an area for consideration for potential buyers.

Any generic Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle should be signed before a notary public and will also require a witness to be present who will also need to sign the document.

A Motorcycle Bill of Sale template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle?

Before writing a simple Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle, you need to ensure that it contains all of the vital elements. By doing this, the buyer protects themselves by making sure that no further questions can be asked or challenged about the genuineness of ownership. Likewise, the bill also protects the individual selling the motorcycle from being responsible for faults. We have put together a list of things that should be included:

  • State the final price which is usually agreed upon beforehand by both parties;
  • Provide information regarding the buyer including their full name and address;
  • Provide information regarding the seller's full name and address;
  • Describe the motorcycle in as much detail as possible. Ensure that you include the basics such as the make and model of the vehicle, the unique identification number, the main color of the motorcycle, the year of issue, and the latest odometer reading;
  • Briefly outline the condition of the vehicle on the day of purchase;
  • Include the transaction date;
  • Ensure you leave sufficient room for involved parties to sign the document appropriately. The buying and selling parties need to sign and print their full name. Apart from these main parties, a witness must also sign the document and print their name in full;
  • Leave room for the notary public to also sign this document. Ensure that both parties signing the document do so before the notary public, which will request an official form of identification from all involved parties to verify the authenticity of their identity;
  • Once the notary public has confirmed the identity and witnessed the signatures, they will have to sign and date the document themselves, before adding their official seal.

After signing, make sure you keep the document in a safe place because it is an important document that you cannot afford to lose.

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