Mobile Home Bill of Sale Template

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Template

What Is a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home?

A Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home is an official record confirming the mutual agreement and acquirement of a mobile home formed and signed by the individual acquiring the home (new owner) and the individual selling up (the current but soon to be old owner). The person wishing to obtain the home may want to reserve it by putting in a deposit whilst organizing a detailed examination of the home. After the examination stage of the deal is finalized and the examination meets the appropriate standards, noting down the condition, the deal will continue further.

We would also recommend the presence of a notary public during the signing part of the process. You will find space for the notary to add their details, signature, and seal at the end of the bill. We recommend for you to use a simple Mobile Home Bill of Sale template which will already contain every piece of vital information and structure required. Then, you would only need to insert your details there.

A Mobile Home Bill of Sale template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home?

When drafting a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home, you ought to be aware of the various different sections that need to be structured. We have compiled a list of the top tips and hints that you should include:

  • Ensure that the sum of the final price is stated clearly. If there were any deposits, note this down too;
  • Personal details of the owner of the mobile home;
  • Personal details of the person acquiring it;
  • A detailed list that describes the home in full. Particularly specific information regarding the make and model, full dimensions, and the date of issue. Ensure you have the serial number on hand and be prepared to give information regarding the planned whereabouts of the mobile home;
  • You should include a basic description of the condition of the home either independently or you can also hire a professional to evaluate this for you in a professional manner, looking for any serious damage that the home may have experienced;
  • Ensure that there are witnesses to sign the bill as well;
  • It is also recommended to have a notary public attend during the signing stage to legally confirm the legitimacy of the document. Although it may not necessarily be an obligation in every state, it is best to do so in situations when you are carrying out transactions with such large sums.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home?

You do not necessarily only need a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home - however, it is an option that needs exploring. Alternatively, there is also the option to use a Real Estate Purchase Agreement which would normally be used for purchasing a property. When a negotiation concerns not only a home but also an area of land, it would be wise to use a Residential Purchase Agreement. For the majority of instances, when acquiring a mobile home there will not necessarily be any land - hence why most people will opt to use a Bill of Sale.

This record can also be critical when deciding to put the home on sale. Having it on hand also gives legal confirmation that the individual is the legitimate owner. In the future, if you think it is possible that you may move, in some states this will not be possible without the Mobile Home Bill of Sale.

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