Sales Receipt Template

Sales Receipt Template

What Is a Sales Receipt?

A Sales Receipt is a formal document that certifies a payment made by a customer for the sale of goods or services. Once the transaction is agreed upon, the company must provide proof of sale and purchase to let the client know what they bought exactly and how much money they have paid.

Every business must monitor their sales and the amount of revenue they receive - you will be able to make better business decisions on a daily basis, compose cash flow reports, and plan for the future when you learn which products are in demand. Additionally, a receipt will help your customer to prove expenses - they may decide to claim deductions when completing their tax return, review their business costs, and simply know the particulars of the sale. You may download a Sales Receipt template via the link below.


How to Make a Sales Receipt?

Follow these steps to fill out a blank Sales Receipt:

  1. Enter the date of the sale and the number of the receipt. If you print out multiple receipts at the same time, you can number them ahead of time starting with 1 or reset the numbers every day in case you prefer to analyze daily sales.
  2. Include the details of your organization - its name and contact information. If you manage a large store, a receipt is yet another chance to promote your brand - include the link to your website and social media accounts and insert the company logo and slogan.
  3. State the name of the customer, their address, and telephone number.
  4. Record the payment method the client prefers. If the payment is made by check, indicate the check number. If the customer has purchased an expensive item or the parties have decided the payment must be made in installments, include this detail in the form and remind the client about the remaining balance they still have to handle.
  5. List the products or services purchased by the buyer. Enter their quantity, provide a brief description, specify the price for every item, and do not forget to mention discounts especially if it is your loyal customer.
  6. Calculate the total price of goods and compute the sales tax separately. If there are shipping costs, they should be recorded as well.
  7. If you run a small business and there are only a few transactions you need to formalize during the day, you can complete a handwritten Sales Receipt for every item you sell. However, if you manage an online business or you handle dozens of sales on regular basis, a printable Sales Receipt you send to a customer's e-mail address and comprehensive digital records will help you track your sales and finances more efficiently.

Make two copies of a simple Sales Receipt every time you close the deal - give the original to the customer and keep a copy for your internal records in case you have to undergo an audit in the future.

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