Sales Call Log Template

Sales Call Log Template

What Is a Sales Log Call?

A Sales Call Log is a document that is used by individuals who work in sales to track their sales calls and organize information about them. The purpose of the document is to gather data about all incoming and outgoing calls made by salespeople, which can be used for different reasons, such as general statistics, sales efficiency, simplification of work processes, etc.

Alternate Names:

  • Sales Call Log Sheet;
  • Sales Call Spreadsheet.

Usually, each salesperson fills in their own document, where they provide information about the calls they made within a certain period of time. A printable Sales Call Log template can be downloaded below.


How to Make a Sales Call Log?

Making a Sales Call Log is an easy-going process, however, there is a certain amount of data that must be provided in it. The document should contain essential parts, which can include the following:

  1. Introduction. Generally, the document starts with a title and information about the company, which includes its name and address. Some companies place their logo on the document.
  2. Information About the Salesperson. Here, the salesperson is supposed to enter their name, and department (if applicable);
  3. Information About the Calls. This is the biggest part of the log. Normally, it is divided into several sections, each one of them should designate information about a call that the salesperson has made. Each call should be described in a certain way, including various types of data, including:
    • Date. The salesperson should state a date when a call was made (or received);
    • Client Information. The name of the client (and their telephone number) who received a call from the salesperson should be entered in the document. If a client is a company, then here the salesperson should state both the name of a company and the name of their representative;
    • Technical Data. The salesperson should fill in the data when a call was made, how long it took, and other technical information that can be of value for the future;
    • The Product. In this section of a document, a sales representative should designate information about a product that a prospective customer was interested in. It can include its name, type, and other characteristics;
    • Notes. Filers use this section to report any other important information, which can be used for different purposes. For example, an individual can mark the deal closed here, or put a reminder to call the client again later.

Usually, the document is supposed to be signed by a sales representative and their supervisor. The Sales Call Log is supposed to be kept in the company since it is a very useful sales instrument that provides various kinds of information. By analyzing them, a supervisor can evaluate the efficiency of each salesperson, how many calls it takes to close a deal, and which products are demanded the most.

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