Weekly Sales Report Template

Weekly Sales Report Template

What Is a Weekly Sales Report?

A Weekly Sales Report is a written document that outlines the summary of the sales activities of a business during the week. This may be the perfect tool to evaluate the work of salespeople, find new opportunities for the development of the company, and improve the existing sales methods. You can find a printable Weekly Sales Report template through the link below.

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Do not underestimate the significance of a properly-drafted Sales Report - the manager or supervisor that analyzes the information will be able to learn more about the performance of their team, monitor the sales revenue, find new marketing opportunities reviewing what products sell well and what do not, and indicate sales fluctuations from day to day determining when your salespeople achieve maximum success.


How to Make a Weekly Sales Report?

Follow these steps to compose a Weekly Sales Activity Report:

  1. Although there is no universal Weekly Sales Report format, try to be consistent and make sure all the reports you prepare look the same and contain the same details which will be useful when the company conducts the year review.
  2. To create an eye-catching and easy-to-read report, draw a table to include all the figures you collect and add them together once the week is over.
  3. Write down the date you have prepared the report and the start and end time of the week you are covering at the top of the page.
  4. Calculate all the sales you have had during the week and separate them by the method of payment - cash, checks, credit cards. Subtract the starting cash that was in the cash register at the beginning of the week and state the amount of revenue generated.
  5. Consider the returns and refunds you have had and add the void transactions - authorized sales you have canceled for any reason. By subtracting this sum of money from the revenue of the business, you will find out the total sales of the week.
  6. Complete the sales tax - all taxable sales must be noted and added together.
  7. Record the discrepancies and errors you have noticed while collecting and assessing the data reported to you during the week.
  8. Include key performance indicators (KPIs) to see whether the objectives of the week were met. You may record the percentage of salespeople that managed to meet the required quota, enter the names of the most successful employees, and indicate the conversion rate of leads to figure out whether the win rate is increasing or decreasing.
  9. Leave space at the bottom of the page for remarks and comments. For example, you may remind the management the outlet was closed for two working days and this is the reason the revenue drastically differs from the one you reported the previous week. Additionally, you can grade the salespeople if you were monitoring their performance throughout the week - this way, the management will see who can be promoted or receive a bonus.

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