Sales Quote Template

Sales Quote Template

What Is a Sales Quote?

A Sales Quote is a document that is given to a possible client which outlines the financial conditions of a particular service or goods. For more information about what a quote is in business, you can review our previous post What Is a Quote in Business? by clicking the link.

Alternate Name:

  • Sales Quotation

Most of the time, Sales Quotes are used by a supplier to initiate negotiations. A well drafted Sales Quote will outline a rundown of the various goods or services available with their cost and financial conditions.

It is important to understand that such a document is not considered legally binding, it is merely a formality. If a potential client decides to accept the proposed quote, then they will be obliged to purchase the product or service at the price stated in the quote. Businesses tend to use Sales Quote software to speed up this process as it can be quite time consuming by modifying various Sales Quote tools. The more quotes you prepare and send, the higher the chances are of more sales.

A Sales Quote template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


Who Should Send a Sales Quote?

Any direct supplier or reseller could highly benefit from sending a Sales Quote. Generally, there are three different types and the type of Sales Quote suited best to your business depends on what service or goods you are offering.

  1. Approximations: this is best used when you would like to give a potential client an approximate price for a certain project or job. It shows them the average price that they should expect for the project. Of course this is not fixed and will change depending on the requirements and wishes of the client.
  2. Fixed Pricing: this quote will show the concrete price a customer would be expected to pay for a product or service. The price will not vary.
  3. Responding to a request: if a client makes a request known as the Request For Quotation (RFQ), you should submit a highly detailed quote which will give the customer an opportunity to compare against other companies.

How to Write a Sales Quote?

Writing a Sales Quote is simple, especially if you follow the pointers below:

  • Start by introducing your company and provide all the relevant contact information. Here you must grab the attention of a potential client and if you have any previous correspondence with this particular client, it is worth noting it here. In short, you must also briefly explain why your company is the best choice for this potential client.
  • Charges and deadlines. Not only should you include the total sum for the proposed work, but a detailed broken down list of the various work required and the price for each of these components. If relevant, you should also include any deadlines. It may well be that your team will carry out the work quicker than a competitor and thus may sway the opinion of a potential client in your favor.
  • Attach any relevant documentation. At the end, you should add any documentation which may be of importance or interest. This can include terms and conditions, details about warranties, a contract template or payment conditions.

How to Follow up on a Sales Quote?

The follow-up after issuing a Sales Quote can make or break a deal. It is relatively common that a potential client will not even reply to the initial Sales Quote. Writing a carefully drafted follow-up email can severely increase your chances of getting a reply and therefore a potential contract.

The message should be short and to the point. There is no point repeating the same information that you have already sent, instead you should seek to include further information that may be of interest. If you can pinpoint a specific problem that a potential client is experiencing and explain how you can resolve it, add this to the email. Do not keep the email generic, the more authentic and personalized it is the more likely the customer is to open it and read it.

Timing and consistency is also important. You need to find the balance between being professional and coming across as too much, avoid spamming and emailing every day. Generally, you should get in touch 2 days after the initial quote was sent. If you have emailed two to three times and received no response, it is best to round off any further messaging.

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