What Is a Price Quote?

A Price Quote is a fixed estimate of a service or project. A supplier or contractor informs their potential customer or client about this sum of money, and when the latter accepts it, the former has to stick to the Price Quote and perform their job using the funds listed in the Quote. 

In addition to a Price Quote template, these documents will also help you to prepare for a bidding process:

  1. A Job Estimate is a document that demonstrates the approximate costs of the future project without a specific time frame.
  2. A Real Estate Appraisal allows you to determine the value of the real property without referring to market pricing.
  3. A Job Proposal is a description of labor and materials required by a particular project.

What Is the Difference Between a Bid and a Quote?

A Price Quote represents the amount of money that the client must give to a potential contractor – it includes the price of materials, equipment, and labor needed for a job. Typically, it is valid only for a limited time (a week or a month) during which the contractor has to purchase every required thing using the set Quote if the client agrees to it. After that, a Quote will expire because construction project estimates fluctuate depending on supply and demand. 

A Bid, on the other hand, comprises a Bid Sheet and Bid Proposal – both these documents allow to respond to specifications and expectations set by the client. Once you receive an Invitation to Bid – a document that introduces you to the rules of the upcoming auction and indicated the items or projects you will be able to bid on – you can prepare your Bid. A Bid Sheet contains the estimate of the contractor services, lists services you are prepared to provide, and describes why your business must be chosen. A Bid Proposal, on the other hand, is a letter or statement that explains the goals of your company and outlines its experience and similar projects you have been worked on.

How to Write a Price Quote?

A properly-composed Price Quote will protect companies from the fluctuation of prices – once the costs are fixed, this document is valid for a short period of time during which the contractor has to prepare for the project’s particular needs. It is especially important in industries where each job is unique. 

"Price Quote Template"

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Individuals may use this form to represent the services offered by a business, merchant, or contractor to a potential client.

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Quote Templates

Follow these steps to draft a Price Quote:

  1. Negotiate with your client and find out what they want to see in the project. Alternatively, you can put a detailed description of the project in your Bid if you like.
  2. Indicate the names and contact information of both parties.
  3. State the number of the Quote and the date when it was issued.
  4. Record the services to be provided and specifically add services you are not going to perform.
  5. Enter the total cost of the project and choose a payment method if you add a deposit.
  6. Write down the short description of the schedule and the date of completion.
  7. Sign the document.
  8. To protect your financial interests, discuss with the client the possibility of including a provision that covers additional charges that will apply if the project eventually requires more work and money.  

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"Invitation to Bid Template"

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You may use this Invitation to Bid to inform prospective suppliers or contractors about the appearance of a new order, provide a detailed description, specify its terms and conditions, and invite these organizations to apply for participation.

"Bid Proposal Template"

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This is a document that is completed by a bidder or a contractor when they participate in the process of bidding.

"Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template"

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This Bid Sheet is used to record bids made during a silent auction.

"Lawn Care Bid Sheet Template"

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This document may be submitted by private individuals and organizations who provide lawn maintenance services at an auction event.

"Contractor Bid Sheet Template"

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Contractors may prepare this document for their prospective customers in order to describe the estimated price of a building project and its proposed schedule.

"Request for Proposal (Rfp) Template"

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The aim of this type of template is to request a response from several vendors that will place bids with detailed information depending on the specific needs of the business.

"Request for Quote Template"

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This is a document that invites vendors to bid prices for particular products or services, often used for products that are made in large numbers and are relatively cheap.

"Sales Quote Template"

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A potential client may be given this type of document which outlines the financial conditions of a particular service or goods.

"Job Estimate Template"

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The information contained in a Job Estimate allows a client to estimate a job offer that their potential supplier is providing.

"Service Quote Template"

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This type of document is used between a client and a business that agrees to provide a certain service for financial compensation.

"Real Estate Appraisal Form"

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The purpose of the Real Estate Appraisal Form is to determine the appraisal of a certain piece of real estate.

"Contractor Quote Template"

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Size: 63 KB
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A contractor may use this type of document as an estimated cost for the completion of requested projects or services.

"Sponsorship Proposal Template"

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Size: 76 KB
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An individual or organization may use this type of document as a formal offer to do business when they are seeking to form a partnership with an organization.

"Job Proposal Template"

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Size: 53 KB
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This document (also known as a "Work Proposal") is sent out to potential employees by companies looking to hire new staff.