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What Is a Bid Sheet?

A Bid Sheet is a document filed along with a Bid Proposal to provide the estimate of services to the potential client. Whether you are organizing an auction or need to compose a customized proposal for the construction project, this is the document for you. It will contain necessary details about the items sold in the course of the auction or submit a breakdown of all the labor and material costs associated with the project.

The most popular types of Bid Sheet templates include the following:

  • A Contractor Bid Sheet is a document given by a construction developer to a potential client to outline the estimated scope of work and schedule of a building project. Its purpose is to show the prospective customer this builder can provide the lowest cost estimate and convince the prospective customer to choose this particular contractor out of all competing developers;
  • A Lawn Care Bid Sheet is completed by companies and individuals who handle lawn maintenance. It will highlight the work of the provider, their vast experience, proposed schedule, and price for every service – trimming, mowing, edging, weed control, removal of debris, etc.;
  • A Silent Auction Bid Sheet is used by silent auction bidders to place their bid amounts.

How to Create a Bid Sheet?

If you are looking to create a Bid Sheet template to offer services, here are some tips for you:

  1. Write the name of your business and current contact information at the top of the page.
  2. Add a short description of your work and tell the customers they can expect access to high-quality services that will meet and even surpass their expectations.
  3. Provide a catalog of services your business is prepared to perform and their price. You should create a table to make it user-friendly.
  4. Sign the Bid Sheet and offer to stay in touch. This document must be filed with a Bid Proposal – a statement that mentions your business’s purpose for participating in the bid underlines the similarities in approach between you and the customer and mentions transactions of a comparable nature you have been involved in already.

A Silent Auction Bid Sheet is a bit different – it is typically drafted for each item. It includes the number of the item, its accurate description, retail value, and opening bid. This kind of sheet contains a table with two columns: bidder number and bid amount, which allows bidders to indicate their bids for the goods they choose.

What Are the Rules for a Silent Auction?

There are certain requirements every silent auction should follow – they establish rules for the registration of bidders, description of items, procedures of bidding, and the process of checkout:

  1. The bidders receive an Invitation to Bid – it describes the background of the auctioneer, lists auction items, sets out requirements, and informs of the date and location of the auction.
  2. Every bidder is subject to registration - all bidders receive an auction bidder number. This number is written on the Bid Sheet.
  3. Auction items are clearly described and priced fairly using fair market value. They are typically sold "as is" - in their present condition, with no warranties.
  4. The bidding process means that a bidder enters the bidder number and the bid amount on the Bid Sheet under the opening bid amount.
  5. When the auction is finished, the administrator collects the sheets, finds the bid that won, and prints a receipt for the winner.

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This document may be submitted by private individuals and organizations who provide lawn maintenance services at an auction event.

Contractors may prepare this document for their prospective customers in order to describe the estimated price of a building project and its proposed schedule.

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