Job Estimate Template

Job Estimate Template

What Is a Job Estimate?

A Job Estimate is a document that must be filled in by a supplier and provided to the prospective customer, searching for a contractor to implement their project. The information contained in this document allows this client to estimate a job offer that their potential supplier provides, to evaluate the cost of work to be performed, compare several proposals from different companies, and choose the most beneficial and suitable one.

Alternate Names:

  • Work Estimate.

This document differs from an invoice and a contract, and it reflects the preliminary and unapproved price, while an invoice includes the actual cost of the transaction. The final invoice can be corrected after all the details of the project are discussed, but the prices there should not differ significantly from the ones set in the Job Estimate.

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A Work Estimate usually contains a list of works to be performed, their estimated cost, project implementation period, warranty obligations, discounts provided, and the cost of additional expenses. This document should be printed on the company's business letterhead and completed by the supplier.

Any Job Estimate Form should include the following information:

  1. The supplier has to indicate information about their company. The company's name, its address, website, email, and phone number should be entered.
  2. The applicant has to provide information about the project customer. Enter the contact name, client's company name, address, phone number, and email.
  3. The applicant must provide the project name, location, timeline, and detailed description. Each work performed by the supplier must be specified in a separate line. Enter a description of each job, the number of hours required to complete it, the price per hour, and the total amount.
  4. When listing all of the types of work, you should specify the subtotal. If the supplier wishes to offer a discount to the client, they should indicate the discount rate and its amount. Enter the subtotal less discount in the corresponding box.
  5. The applicant should specify the tax rate, which is subject to the payment, and the total tax amount in the appropriate fields.
  6. If the supplier assumes that shipping and handling services will be provided during the execution of these works, enter the total cost of such services.
  7. The applicant must enter the total estimated cost. You must indicate whether the specified amount includes an employee's wages and expenses for materials and equipment.
  8. A Job Estimate may contain a warranty period for the work performed and terms and conditions for providing warranty obligations. The applicant may also include payment requirements in the document.
  9. The supplier should sign the document and enter the date of completion.

The form may contain a statement informing that this document is not a contract or invoice, the total estimated cost is preliminary, prices may change, or additional work and materials can be required. This form may also contain an "Acceptance of the Estimate" section. The client may specify here that the prices and conditions indicated are satisfactory and accepted. The customer should sign the form and enter the date.

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