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What Is a Quote?

A Quote is a formal statement filled out by the organization determined to showcase the range of the products and services for sale to a potential customer during the negotiation stage of the agreement.

Whether your business makes its first steps on the market and you are looking to build the client base or you represent the interests of a large corporation that closes multiple deals every week, a Business Quote will help you make an official offer to a customer that is considering to purchase your goods or services. Use one of the Quote Templates to highlight the benefits of working with you and convince the client you are ready to collaborate with professionalism and urgency.

Types of Quotes

  • Service Quote Template. If you are providing professional consultations to share perspectives and knowledge on topics your clients do not know much about or your goal is to help develop and secure other companies with marketing, insurance, or bookkeeping services, you may prepare this document to let your future counterpart know the price of your expertise;
  • Price Quote Template. Whether you are rendering services or selling goods, this document will list the value of any items you have for sale. List the payment conditions and describe the goods and services you are willing to provide in the immediate future so that the customer makes an informed choice;
  • Sales Quote Template. In case your business manufactures or resells tangible goods, you may prepare this quotation for the client that has expressed a desire to sign a contract with your company. Note that this quote should include the expiration date - give any customer one or two weeks before the offer is no longer valid to ensure you receive a definitive answer sooner;
  • A Request for Quote Template is completed by a client that wants to compare the price of goods and services of one vendor to their competitors before the purchase of items is finalized. Additionally, this document will allow the customer to inquire whether any special offers or discounts are available at the time of the sale;
  • A Quote Template is a generic form you may fill out for your current or prospective customer allowing the latter to know the price you are asking for items they may be interested in or have already expressed their interest in. Before the client commits to the purchase, they should know the exact terms of the sale, with the price of the items being the crucial clause;
  • Contractor Quote Template. This form will be useful for entities and freelancers that work in the construction industry - general contractors, electricians, painters, and other specialists that undertake projects with an established schedule and budget. Using a quotation, you will be able to offer competitive market prices and stand out among other contracting businesses providing the optimal price-quality ratio.

How to Make a Quote Template in Excel?

Here is how you may draft a Quote Template using a spreadsheet program Excel:

  1. Use the Excel search bar to look for a ready-made template that would suit the needs of your business or the client - this would be the easiest way to get a document to fill out and send to a customer.
  2. If you prefer to create a Quote from scratch, open a new spreadsheet by clicking the "Create" button.
  3. Insert a header - indicate the name of the document and the name of your business.
  4. List the products and services you offer in the first column of the Excel spreadsheet. The other columns should outline the following details: the brief description of every item or a link to a product on your website, the price of every unit, and the details of delivery if they are different.
  5. In case you offer a service package, you should include its total price to make it easier for the quote recipient to make a quicker decision. Use a simple Excel formula to calculate the total price - for example, if you need to add items listed in cells A2 to A28, write "=SUM(A2:A28)" in any empty cell on your spreadsheet.

How to Request a Quote by Email?

To make sure you sign the agreement on the best of terms with the most suitable contractor or supplier, you need to learn as much as you can about them before any contracts are formalized. Find out the price of products and services the business offers by submitting a Quote Request via email - in order to receive the most accurate estimate you can count on, you should tell the letter recipient about your own company, indicate how much money you are ready to spend working with them, and offer the provisions of a future agreement you consider fair - for instance, if you are thinking about a long-term building project, you may mention an approximate payment schedule to let the other party know your expectations right away.

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The purpose of the Real Estate Appraisal Form is to determine the appraisal of a certain piece of real estate.

The information contained in a Job Estimate allows a client to estimate a job offer that their potential supplier is providing.

This document (also known as a "Work Proposal") is sent out to potential employees by companies looking to hire new staff.

Individuals may use this form to represent the services offered by a business, merchant, or contractor to a potential client.

A contractor may use this type of document as an estimated cost for the completion of requested projects or services.

This is a document that invites vendors to bid prices for particular products or services, often used for products that are made in large numbers and are relatively cheap.

A potential client may be given this type of document which outlines the financial conditions of a particular service or goods.

This type of document is used between a client and a business that agrees to provide a certain service for financial compensation.

The aim of this type of template is to request a response from several vendors that will place bids with detailed information depending on the specific needs of the business.

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