Job Proposal Template

Job Proposal Template

What Is a Job Proposal?

A Job Proposal is a document that the company sends to a suitable individual when they want to hire them for an available position. The purpose of the application is to provide information about a job opening and have the position filled. Generally, a proposal is made by the company, however, in some cases, the individual can send a Job Proposal to the company offering themselves as a potential worker.

Alternate Names:

  • Work Proposal;
  • Job Offer Proposal;
  • Job Proposal Letter.

When the company has a job that needs to be filled they can write an application where they will briefly describe the position, the qualities that will help a potential employee succeed, what they will receive from it, and other things that the company might consider important. Sometimes a Job Proposal can be accompanied by other documents, such as an Employment Contract, a compensation package booklet, project details, etc.

A printable Job Proposal template can be downloaded through the link below.


How to Write a Proposal for a Job?

Writing the document is a straightforward process, however, the employer should not forget to include several important parts. A Job Offer Proposal should include the following:

  1. The Title. The document should start with a title. It will help draw the attention of a prospective employee.
  2. Introduction. The title should be followed by a short introduction, where the company will express its intention to hire a candidate for a certain position. The introduction should be short and must feature the name of the company and the job title.
  3. Information About the Company. A short "About Us" section will help introduce the company to the applicant. Here, the employer should give a brief description of their business, its mission, what they are producing, or the main directions of its development.
  4. Information About the Position. In this part of the application, the employer should give a description of the job opening. After reading this part, the applicant is supposed to get a picture of their future role at the company.
  5. Overall Responsibilities. The employer must describe the responsibilities that a prospective employee will be doing on a regular basis.
  6. Required Qualifications. The employer should state what kind of qualifications they require a candidate to have. It may include education, work experience, specific knowledge, etc.
  7. Personal Skills. If there are any personal skills that will increase the applicant's performance in this specific occupation, the employer should mention them in this section.
  8. Work Location. It is important for the applicant to know the specific location of their work and if they are required to move.
  9. Offered Compensations. The employer should describe the benefits they are offering, such as salary, vacation plans, healthcare packages, bonuses (if applicable).
  10. Conclusion. Businesses should conclude their Job Proposals with a polite invitation for an interview.

A Job Offer Proposal is a flexible document. Its content and structure can be changed depending on the position that is supposed to be filled and the items that the company would like to mention. For example, if the company does not want to mention the compensation package they can say that they will offer it during the meeting.

How to Decline a Job Offer?

If an applicant has received a Job Proposal from a company that they do not want to accept, they should send the business a Job Proposal Rejection Letter. While writing the letter, the applicant should follow the following steps:

  1. Even though the main purpose of the document is to reject the proposal, the applicant should be considerate and thank the manager for the job offering and for their time.
  2. In some cases, it can be a good idea to provide reasons why the applicant cannot accept the offer. For example, if the applicant mentions that they cannot accept the job offer because they are not satisfied with the compensation package, the company might broaden it for the applicant.
  3. The applicant should not make the document wordy. It should be straightforward and get right to the point.

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