New Employee Announcement Template

New Employee Announcement Template

What Is a New Employee Announcement?

A New Employee Announcement is a document that notifies employees of an organization about hiring a new employee. This document must be completed by the hiring manager or supervisor of the department where the new hire is going to work. Usually, a responsible employee sends a New Employee Announcement email to all workers of the organization or just the department this new worker will be joining, depending on the size of the company.

Alternate Name:

  • New Hire Announcement.

This document informs the company's workers about the appearance of a new employee, allows co-workers to prepare for their arrival, and to consider the best way to organize the working and communication process with this person. This announcement is an essential part of the employment process, and it helps a new hire feel welcome in the company. A New Employee Announcement template can be downloaded below.


How to Write a New Employee Announcement?

This document should be printed on business letterhead and completed by the supervisor of the department. This person can include in the announcement the worker's recent relevant employment background, professional experience, information about their education, and skills that can make a good impression on the employees of the company. An announcement written in this way may ensure the new employee gets the support they deserve.

Usually, a New Hire Announcement includes the following:

  1. The document should be addressed to employees of the department, where the newest team member is going to work. The department name should be specified.
  2. The supervisor must announce that the new employee will join this department. The employee's full name and position should be entered. You may provide information about the responsibilities of the new hire in the workplace and indicate the name of their direct supervisor or manager.
  3. You may describe the new hire's previous work experience, provide information about their professional skills and recent achievements. The supervisor may also give a summary of the person's education, including their degrees. Indicate the specialty they have received and specify the names of the universities they have graduated from.
  4. Indicate which strategies this employee may help to implement in the organization and what goals can be achieved with the use of their knowledge and skills. Specify the work of which departments the new hire can make more effective.
  5. The supervisor should indicate the employee officially responsible for guiding the new worker. Specify that all of the co-workers should help this person to become a productive member of the team, and ask them to create for the new hire a comfortable working atmosphere.
  6. In some organizations, this document is called a "Welcome New Employee Announcement." For this reason, it should contain a welcome section. Enter the first working day of this employee and invite your working team to join a welcoming meeting. The exact time and place of this event should be indicated.
  7. The supervisor has to enter their name and sign the announcement.

This document should be sent to all employees involved via email.

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