Free New Employee Forms and Templates

To establish and later coordinate the professional relationship between the employer and employee, every organization should use customized New Employee Forms. Every employer is responsible for composing documentation and complying with relevant regulations that stipulate the hiring process and consequent employment. You need to collect information about prospective employees, learn more about people you choose to hire, and manage their salaries and benefits.

Depending on the urgency of the situation or the position, you can give these documents to new hires on their first day of work or within a week or month of employment. Certain forms are only filled out once (for instance, an Interview Thank You Letter), and others can be updated over time as you gather new information (an Emergency Contact Form or a Job Description Template). 

Types of New Employee Forms

Whether you just started the process of recruitment or you have already signed an Employment Contract with a New Employee, you need to keep records on every individual you have employed and follow regulations that outline the rights and responsibilities of employees. Some forms are required by law, while others may be supplemental if the internal documents of your entity require them.

Browse our library of New Employee Forms through the links below – employers and employees alike can download them and use them right away or customize them so that they are more suitable for your current situation:

  1. Employee Information Form. Keep information on all the former and current employees of your organization and update their contact details and employment history when needed.
  2. Job Description Template. This short form will allow you to advertise a vacancy for potential job candidates, introduce your business to people who do not know about it yet, and attract the best possible employees with a proper explanation of who your entity is looking for.
  3. Sample Interview Questions. Here you can find the most common questions you need to ask a prospective employee to learn more about their personality and professional career.
  4. New Employee Announcement. Use this template to inform your employee about a new individual you just hired and explain their duties or future contribution to the upcoming project.
  5. Interview Thank You Letter. This document can be used to impress the person responsible for hiring - a candidate for a job should thank the company for the chance to be interviewed and once again express their interest in the position.
  6. Job Offer Letter. Once the human resources department chose the right person for a particular position, this letter can be sent to them as a formal offer to begin employment.
  7. Job Application Cover Letter. Typically used as a supplemental form attached to a resume and job application, this short document contains the name and contact details of a potential employee and encourages the hiring personnel to consider their documentation.
  8. Employee Emergency Contact Form. Every employee receives this form to share the contact details of their family members and friends to be contacted in case of an accident in the workplace.
  9. Benefits Enrollment Form. This application allows employees to receive various types of benefits throughout their employment with the company, including medical and life insurance, welfare benefits, and individual retirement plans. 

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This document contains information about the person who should be contacted in the case of an accident or any other traumatic event that has happened to an employee.

This form is used by an employer to collect information about the current members of their staff.

You may use this New Employee Announcement to notify employees of an organization about hiring a new employee.

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