Employee Information Form

Employee Information Form

What Is an Employee Information Form?

An Employee Information Form is a document that is used by an employer to collect information about their workers. The purpose of the document is to provide the company with the employee's information that can be used for different purposes. A printable Employee Information Form can be downloaded below.

Alternate Name:

  • Employee Information Sheet.

A new Employee Information Form is supposed to be filled in each time a business hires a new worker. After the document is filled in by an individual it should be archived with the rest of them. These are kept in the company, forming a full database of all of the individuals hired in the company.


How to Fill Out an Employee Information Form?

An Employee Information Form template is usually developed and used within the company. The document is supposed to gather a lot of information about workers, however, it should not be overloaded with questions. A typical form would take no more than one page. Generally, it consists of parts which include the following:

  • Personal information. In the first part of the document, an applicant should designate their full name, date of birth, place of birth, and Social Security Number;
  • Contact information. Here a filer should state their full current address, telephone number, and email;
  • Data about an individual's employment. Individuals can use this part to enter their job title, the department they are working in, and the date when they started working in the company;
  • Emergency contact. If a business does not have a separate Employee Emergency Contact Form, they can include the emergency contact clause in the form. Here a filer should state the name and contact information of a person who should be contacted in case of a crisis situation;
  • Signature and date. To state their will to disclose personal information, an individual should sign the document and date it.

The form's structure is flexible and can be changed depending on the need of the company. For example, a hirer can add sections like vacation records, absence records, overtime work, etc., to the document.

What Is Considered Confidential Employee Information?

The majority of Employee Information is considered to be confidential. It includes an employee's personal information, medical and employment records, contact information, job performance, etc. It means that companies need to protect employees' data very carefully. To do so, a business should follow several steps, such as:

  1. All Employee Information Forms should be kept in an archive. Only a few people should have access to this information. In addition to this, access should be distinctive. For example, if a manager is getting access to job performance records, they do not get access to medical records.
  2. For some companies it makes sense to keep information digitally, using encryption tools and other types of electronic protection to make the data secure.
  3. Companies should review the laws applicable in their state, as well as federal laws dedicated to information security, and work in accordance with them.
  4. A good way to maintain who can reach the confidential information is to develop security policies inside the company. It will regulate the procedure of reaching to confidential information.
  5. Keep records of those who access the information. It should contain the name of the individuals who access it, the date of the access, and the reason they needed the information.
  6. Develop a system that will help to analyze the incidents of unauthorized access. It is important to conduct thorough research in each case and decide whether it should cause improvements in the record-keeping or penalties for breaking the restrictions.
  7. Provide excessive training on the subjects. All workers should be informed on how to work with confidential information and what to do to avoid leakage.

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