Temporary Employment Contract Template

Temporary Employment Contract Template

What Is a Temporary Employment Contract?

A Temporary Employment Contract is a legal agreement signed between an employer and an employee (or a company and an individual) in which the parties have decided that the employee is engaged in work only for a specific period of time. The purpose of the document is to regulate the relationship between the employer and the employee while they are employed.

Alternate Name:

  • Temporary Employment Agreement.

Even though employers commonly use permanent employment contracts, a contract for temporary employment has its own benefits and comes in handy for situations. They can include:

  1. Temporary Replacement . The agreement can be used when the employer needs to replace an employee who is on temporary leave.
  2. High Workload . This contract is one of the ways of dealing with a temporary workload increase caused by the busy season or for other reasons.
  3. Project Openings . Sometimes employers have enough employees, however, they need to hire additional staff to cover the needs of a specific temporary project.

A Temporary Employment Contract template can be downloaded below, or you can make your own using our online form builder.


How to Write a Temporary Employment Contract?

A Contract for Temporary Employment is very similar to an Employment Contract. It has the same structure, nevertheless, there are a few differences that the employer should pay attention to. A temporary contract should include parts, such as:

  1. Information About the Parties . In the first part of the document, the parties involved should designate their names and addresses.
  2. Subject . Here the employer should express the subject of the contract. It should be stated that the parties are entering an employment relationship and that they are legally bound to follow the regulations of the contract.
  3. Salary . The employer should state the amount of money that will be paid to the employee for their work, how it will be paid, and how often.
  4. Compensation . If the employee is entitled to any kind of compensation provided by the employer they should be listed here. The employer should also provide information about the employee's vacation time, health care, etc.
  5. Employment Time Period . Since this is temporary employment, the parties should designate the dates when the employment begins and when it ends. If there is an option of prolongation, it should be stated here, as well as the requirements for the prolongation.
  6. Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties . Parties use this part of the document to describe their rights and responsibilities. For example, this section can include the main responsibility of the employer to pay the salary to the employee on time and in the full amount.
  7. Contact Information . For notification purposes, the parties should provide their contact information which can include their telephone numbers and emails.
  8. Signatures . To express that the parties are entering the agreement under their own free will, they should sign the contract.

The parties can agree to include other parts to the contract, such as severability, representatives, fees and expenses, jurisdiction, governing law, amendments, termination, etc.

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