Virtual Assistant Contract Template

Virtual Assistant Contract Template

What Is a Virtual Assistant Contract?

A Virtual Assistant Contract is an agreement formed between a company and an online assistant. This is now proving to be more and more popular with virtual assistants being able to carry out the exact same work as in-office assistants but without the hassle of requiring them to be present at a physical office location. The obvious benefit is that this is a cheaper way of maintaining staff.

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  • Virtual Assistant Agreement

A Virtual Assistant Contract template can be downloaded through the link below. The agreement should clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the virtual assistant and the financial terms. If there are certain agreements regarding working hours, for example, then this information should also be included in the contract.

The bonus of creating such contracts lies with the fact that both the employer and employee have a clear idea of the expectations towards one another. This eliminates any potential for conflicts or disputes between the company and the virtual assistant.


Why Contract a Virtual Assistant?

As an employer, hiring a virtual assistant holds many potential benefits. It ensures that you pay an employee specifically for their productive time and their result. This ensures you get the work that you require done, whilst paying less, even saving money on things like paid breaks, holidays, sick days, etc.

Often, a virtual assistant will send you progress reports which gives you the chance to monitor how much work they have done which is usually difficult to do for someone who works in an office full time.

As virtual assistants usually support a business based on packages, this enables an employer to change packages, depending on the needs of the business. Sometimes you may require more input, at other times - much less. Having this flexibility gives you the power to change packages to best tailor the needs of your business.

The Contract for Virtual Assistant Services is also useful for the assistant-contractors, especially in instances where there is a disagreement between both parties. It avoids any speculation because all the conditions are clearly written down and signed, leaving out any room for ambiguity. Such questions using arise regarding salaries, deadlines, specific tasks.

Signing a contract will ensure that the company takes the individual seriously and respects their work, obliging to pay the agreed sum, instead of changing their mind last minute and leaving a virtual assistant with no funds. It also covers the virtual assistant for copyright infringement, which is a legal battle that nobody wants to enter.

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