Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Evaluation Form

What Is an Employee Evaluation Form?

An Employee Evaluation Form is a form that should be filled in by a supervisor or manager of an employee to estimate their job performance in the organization. A printable Employee Evaluation template can be downloaded below.

Alternate Names:

  • Employee Performance Evaluation Form;
  • Employee Review Form.

Usually, an Employee Performance Evaluation Form contains a list of questions regarding the abilities of workers, their skills, accomplishments, productivity, stated goals, and achievements. Employee evaluation goals are the following: to provide feedback about employee's job performance, to identify workers who need to improve, inform employees about the expectations of their managers, and plan training programs. The results of the employee evaluation for the current period must be compared with the results of the previous period to set these goals correctly.

There is another form that is used for evaluating employee performance - an Employee Self Evaluation Form, that is completed by an employee themselves and not by their manager.


How to Do Employee Evaluation?

An Employee Evaluation Form should include the following:

  1. The supervisor or manager should enter their name and the name of the employee, indicate the date, and enter the department where they work.

  2. The form may include predefined response options, such as "never, rarely, sometimes, mostly, always." In this case, the applicant should check the box next to the most appropriate response. If the form does not contain response options, the applicant should print a detailed answer to each question on the space provided.

  3. Usually, the applicant must evaluate the following aspects of the employee's work:

    • Specify whether the quality of work produced by the employee meets all the requirements and if this individual performs their obligations correctly;
    • Provide information about the employee's working relationships. Answer if they work well with co-workers, can help other employees, communicate, and cooperate with them. Answer if they maintain a positive attitude in the workplace;
    • Estimate their conflict resolution and management skills;
    • Evaluate their attendance and punctuality;
    • Provide information about the technical skills of the employee. Indicate if they have achieved training and education. Estimate their job knowledge which is necessary for satisfactory job performance;
    • Indicate if the worker pays attention to company policies and procedures, keeps work-related information and issues confidential, and follows company rules;
    • Specify whether the employee takes the initiative in achieving goals and completing tasks and if they look for new work assignments or projects;
    • Provide information about the employee's reliability and ability to perform the required work with minimal supervision. Specify if their managers can rely on them to complete a project.
  4. The applicant should indicate the worker's goals and objectives during this evaluation period, reveal their strengths and areas for development. The supervisor should develop a career development plan for this worker based on the analyzed information and establish goals and objectives for the next evaluation period.

  5. The supervisor has to sign the form. A copy of this form should be provided to the employee and discussed with them. The worker must also sign it and make their comments on the space provided if necessary.

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