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What Is an Employee Performance Review?

An Employee Performance Review is a document that contains official assessment and examination of the employee’s work performance. It serves several purposes:

  • Provide feedback to employees and have the opportunity to get feedback from them;
  • Confirm the acceptable and unacceptable level of performance;
  • Identify strengths and vulnerabilities in the employee’s job;
  • Outline the goals and objectives of the company every employee must pursue;
  • Make the first step towards employee development and improvement.

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Employee Performance Review Forms 

The following documents can be filled out along with the Employee Performance Review Form to improve performance of the business and determine whether employees are suitable for their positions:

  1. Employee Evaluation Form is a term sometimes used interchangeably with the Employee Performance Review. However, certain businesses may draft this document as the first step of the performance review – it can be a one-page statement prepared by the individual who has direct knowledge of the employee’s work to generate feedback on the employee’s job skills.
  2. Employee Incident Report Form is filled out by employees or their supervisors to record the details of the work-related illness, injury, or an event that might have led to such injury or illness.
  3. Employee Self Evaluation Form is a document completed by the employee who assesses their personal achievements during the indicated period of time and discusses expectations moving forward.
  4. Training Evaluation Form is designed to provide helpful feedback on the performance of the trainee and improve coaching in a particular company.

How to Review Employee Performance? 

Follow these steps to review an employee’s performance fairly and effectively:

  1. Enter the employee's name, title, and department;
  2. Name the employee's direct supervisor. If someone else conducts a review, this individual must also write their name, title, and department;
  3. Indicate the date of the review;
  4. Describe the employee's basic qualities:
    • Is the employee's quality of work acceptable?;
    • Does the employee have sufficient knowledge and skills to complete their job?;
    • Does the employee show a readiness to follow all the safe practices and conditions in the workplace?;
    • Has the employee demonstrated professional development in the last month, quarter, or year?;
  5. List positive attributes of the employee - leadership, good time management, ability to adjust to various challenges, creativity, etc.;
  6. Specify the areas for improvement. Do not be negative in the review - remain calm and professional, and try to avoid words "minus," "downside," and "weakness";
  7. Appraise the employee's interpersonal skills:
    • How well does the employee work with other colleagues to meet the established objectives of the company;
    • Does the employee address issues involving conflict and does the employee take steps to deal with the disruption to the professional work environment;
    • Does the employee accept constructive criticism and show a willingness to improve their performance;
  8. You may add other sections and paragraphs to your review to describe client relations, point out the employee's impeccable attendance, highlight employee's independent work, especially if it led to significant successes of the company;
  9. Sign the form and give it to the employee to sign.

When composing an Employee Performance Review, you can use points (1 to 5, 5 being the highest mark) or different scales to show how well the employee carries out their duties. For instance, you may create a table with columns (exceptional, exceeds expectations, meets expectations, requires improvement, unacceptable), and check the appropriate boxes opposite each area of work or quality related to the employee's performance. You can also grade employees with the help of the review, give them promotions or raises, or, instead, demote them.

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