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One of the most important indicators of a company’s success is the exemplary performance of its employees. If you want to track your team’s achievements and contributions, you should appraise their work using various techniques. In case you are wondering how to measure employee performance properly, our guide will help you evaluate their contribution to your business.

How to Measure Employee Performance? 

Here are some templates you can use to conduct an Employee Performance Review:

  1. Employee Evaluation Form. It is completed once or twice a year to cover all aspects of the employee’s job – their efficiency, ability to meet targets set by their employer, and collaborative work with other employees.
  2. Employee Incident Report Form. This template will be useful if you need to record the facts of any injury that occurred in the workplace. Prepare this form if any work conditions led to serious health conditions and illnesses that clearly had an impact on the employee’s work performance and overall health.
  3. Employee Self Evaluation Form. Employees should fill out this form whenever they are asked to describe their own work and explain whether they meet the expectations set before them by the employer.
  4. Training Evaluation Form. If your business has adopted any kind of a training program for current and potential employees, you should fill out this document to record their progress and sometimes even obtain their feedback on your company. 

How to Write an Employee Performance Evaluation? 

An Employee Performance Evaluation form is the most common document used to review the employee’s role and functions in the organization. Whether you work for the human resources department or simply supervise the work of your subordinates, follow these steps to correctly review the employee performance:

  1. Indicate the employee's details - name, position, and department. Write down your own information - name and job title.
  2. Add a table with a rating system - a scale will be easy to understand. Usually, there is a scale from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 - from "unsatisfactory" to "outstanding."
  3. State the aspects of the job performance you are going to review. They vary from business to business but you should include the following sections: overall performance and skills, teamwork and cooperation with the supervisor and colleagues, initiative, leadership and planning abilities, ability to work independently, personality traits, reliability, dedication, and work habits.
  4. Enter your own opinion about the employee. Write no more than five sentences to express your thoughts - be concise and polite, do not use this evaluation as an excuse to slander or discredit the employee.
  5. Sign and date the form. Give it to the human resources department and provide a copy to the employee as well.

How to Improve Employee Performance?

One of the best ways to increase the productivity of the business is to obtain Employee Feedback. Improve employee performance with efficient employee performance management in three simple steps:

  • Ask the employees for their thoughts and ideas on how to make the workplace better. Whether they ask you for a new loyalty program or offer to choose one day each week to wear informal clothes to work, any information you get directly – and often anonymously – from your employees is priceless. Download an Employee Suggestion Form to engage more with people who work for you;
  • Understand the level of satisfaction with the job and gather invaluable insight regarding your company. You may conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey to learn more about your employees’ opinion on their work with a simple questionnaire;
  • Show your gratitude to the people who work for you for a long time with remarkable success. You should hold their achievements for other employees and demonstrate your appreciation in your personal talks. It is highly recommended to encourage employees with a Certificate of Appreciation – a token of your commendation that acknowledges how important they are for you and the company as a whole.

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You may use this Customer Satisfaction Survey to assess the level of satisfaction customers have with a business or the services that the business provides.

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Employee Feedback Employment Forms Business

"Employee Suggestion Form"

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This kind of form is used by employees who would like to offer their ideas for the improvement of the company.

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Employee Feedback Employment Forms Business

"Training Evaluation Form"

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This is a document that is used by employers to receive feedback about the training that their employees have attended.

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Use this form if you're the supervisor or manager of an employee and are looking to estimate their job performance in the organization.

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This form should be filled in by an employee to evaluate their job performance in a company.

"Employee Incident Report Form"

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This form is used by an employee to report any kind of incident has happened to them at their place of work.

"Employee Satisfaction Survey Template"

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Size: 77 KB
3 pages

Companies may use this template to evaluate the satisfaction level of their employees and gather workers' opinions about their place of work.

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Employee Feedback Employment Forms Business

"Performance Review Form for Non-supervisory Staff (Dys Instructional Coaches)" - Ohio

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"Performance Evaluation Form" - City of Richmond, Virginia

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