Free Certificate of Appreciation Templates

What Is a Certificate of Appreciation?

A Certificate of Appreciation is a special document prepared by an institution or company to demonstrate gratitude to another entity or individual for their work or support. This kind of certificate is usually given at the end of a certain project or when an objective or goal was finally reached, especially if the recipient made significant contributions to the work in question. It not only delivers a message of appreciation but also provides the recipient with a valuable keepsake that will inspire and motivate them in future endeavors.

Alternate Name:

  • Appreciation Certificate.

A well-deserved Certificate of Appreciation develops the personal skills of the person and influences their growth – it will also be an incentive for others who will strive to have bigger accomplishments in the future. If you’re looking for a sample Certificate of Appreciation template you are welcome to browse our library of designs through the links below.

How to Make a Certificate of Appreciation?

Most Appreciation Certificates contain the following information:

  1. Name of the organization that created the certificate (ChemBio Limited). It is possible to add a small picture of the company logo.
  2. Title of the document (Certificate of Appreciation) and the words "is presented to."
  3. Name of the recipient (Rachel Wood).
  4. Reason for the award (in recognition of your outstanding achievements; for elevating chemical studies and the continued support of our company's mission).
  5. Date of the award (May 15, 2020).
  6. Name, title, and signature of the company's director, owner, CEO, etc. (John Williams, CEO).

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when drafting an Appreciation Certificate:

  • If your entity already has guidelines for awarding Certificates of Appreciation or a particular procedure of awarding, you need to follow it to make the recognition formal;
  • If you present a certificate on behalf of the official company, keep the wording for a Certificate of Appreciation polite and concise. When you create a certificate for your friend or family member, you can insert jokes and even celebrate achievements that never occurred - avoid it if you are awarding a certificate to your colleague or subordinate;
  • Most Appreciation Certificates are of the A4 size and are presented to be on display in the individual's office or home. It is recommended to use large print, avoid bright colors (unless the company logo is bright, but even then the logo should not take half of the certificate), and award the certificate in the frame so that the recipient can put it up immediately;
  • When giving a certificate, do not forget verbal recognition – you need to present this document in front of the recipient’s colleagues to make this individual a good example for the team, their role model. It will improve work performance among your employees and your business will perform more efficiently;
  • You can add a personal note or letter to the certificate. A simple appreciation letter will show your personal gratitude and have a great impact on the person whose work or support has been invaluable to you.

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