Training Evaluation Form

Training Evaluation Form

What Is a Training Evaluation Form?

A Training Evaluation Form is a document that is used by employers to receive feedback about the training that their employees have attended. In addition to evaluating the training of office workers, the document can be used to evaluate the training of volunteers, instructors, medical and educational personnel, etc.

Alternate Name:

  • Training Program Evaluation Form.

Training evaluation is a very useful mechanism that can be used to improve training programs and increase their efficiency. By using the evaluation form for training, the employer will increase their chances to increase the employee's interest in participating in the program, as well as finding the most effective training for them. A printable Training Evaluation template can be downloaded below.


What Is the Purpose of an Employee Training Evaluation Form?

A Training Evaluation Form is an important tool that can help employers understand how efficient the training was. The document can be used for multiple purposes which include the following:

  1. The document can show the effectiveness of the training. If the document demonstrates that the training was not satisfying, then the employer will know they should not use it in the future.
  2. The Training Evaluation form for trainees can show whether the trainee has received enough new knowledge during it. If so, then the employer might offer them a job or put them in a higher position in the company (if they qualify).
  3. The form can also demonstrate whether the training experience was spoiled with bad organization, content, or training skills of the instructor. With the use of this document, the employee can evaluate how professional and well-prepared the training was.
  4. The training evaluation process can also show what are the most important aspects of training for the employees. Whether they prefer training that contains more materials or practice, the employer can use it when they will be looking for training next time.
  5. In addition to everything mentioned above, after analyzing the form the employer can see whether their employees were encouraged to participate in the training and interact with other participants.

How to Make a Training Evaluation Form?

Making the document is an easy-going process, a Training Evaluation Template can include parts such as:

  1. Title and Date . The title of the document will help it not to be confused with any other forms. It should be followed by a space where the employee will state the date when they filled in the document.
  2. Introduction . Here the employee can state information about the training, which can include its name and location. It can also include the name of the instructor and the name of the company that organized it (if applicable).
  3. Instructions . The document should provide guidance on how to fill it in. If the form contains a scale that the employee should use to indicate their level of agreement with the statements listed there, it should be described in this part.
  4. Statements for Evaluation . Employees can use this section to express their satisfaction level with the training. They can designate how well it was organized, how well the materials were delivered, whether they were encouraged to take part in it, etc.
  5. Conclusion . In the last part of the document, the employee can state their name and sign it. The signature will designate that the information presented in the document is true and valid.

The Evaluation Form for training can include other parts, as well as different methods of evaluation of the training. For example, it can consist of open-ended questions, simple "yes" or "no" questions, and parts where employees are supposed to describe the training in their own words.

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