Group Evaluation Form

Group Evaluation Form

What Is a Group Evaluation Form?

A Group Evaluation Form is a document that is used by students who have worked in groups and want to appraise their group members. The purpose of the document is to gather information about the group members that have participated in a particular project.

Group evaluation is a process of group appraisal during which all members evaluate each other's work and how well they contributed to the project. It helps to estimate each other's impact towards the common goal, as well as how much effort everyone put into it. The document can be used regardless of the kind of project the group has participated in.

If individuals need to evaluate smaller groups, they can use a similar document called a Peer Evaluation Form for one-on-one work. This document was developed especially for groups of two people. A printable Group Evaluation Form template can be downloaded below.


How to Fill Out a Group Evaluation Form?

Creating a Group Evaluation Document is a straightforward process, however, before starting, an individual should decide what kind of information they would like to collect about the groups. A group presentation evaluation form can contain parts, such as:

  1. Information about the group . In the first part of the document, the group member should enter information about their group. It can include stating the names of all group members, the leader of the group, etc.
  2. Project information . Here the group member should describe the project that the group has participated in. They should designate its name (if applicable), the date when it took place, its topic or the project's main idea, etc.
  3. Information about members . This is supposed to be the part of the document where group members can appraise each other. The section should be informative, yet not overloaded with questions. The group members should be provided with a chance to evaluate each other from different sides.

Depending on the structure of the document, the last part can be presented in different ways or not included at all. The document can be used to evaluate all group members or the group as a whole, or it can be used to appraise one group member per document. This way the group member will have to complete several document copies in order to appraise all of their group members.

Group evaluation is a complicated process. In order to highlight the members strongest sides, the document should contain a broad range of questions, which can be systematized in groups such as:

  1. Teamwork . The document can include questions that will help to describe the group member that is being evaluated and their role in the team. For example, did the group member help to keep the group on task? Did they participate in group discussions?
  2. Input towards the goal . The impact that the team member has made towards the common goal can be designated with specific questions. For example, did the group member contribute a useful idea? Did they find appropriate material for the project?
  3. Personal qualities . Sometimes it is important to underline what strong suits a team member has. To do so, the document can contain questions dedicated to their personal qualities. For example, what personal qualities helped the group member achieve their results?

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