Employee Self Evaluation Form

Employee Self Evaluation Form

What Is an Employee Self-Evaluation Form?

An Employee Self-Evaluation Form is a form that should be filled in by an employee to estimate their job performance in a company. Usually, a Self-Evaluation Form for an employee contains a list of questions regarding the abilities, skills, productivity of a worker, their stated goals, achievements, and areas for improvement. A worker must submit the completed form to their manager or supervisor, who should complete the same document, answer the questions about this employee, provide them with their responses, and compare answers given in both forms.

A free printable Employee Self-Evaluation Form template can be downloaded through the link below.

Employee Self-Evaluation allows workers to set goals and develop a growth strategy for the future. An Employee Evaluation Form is a related tool that helps managers and supervisors estimate the performance of their staff.


How to Fill Out an Employee Self Evaluation Form?

An Employee Self Evaluation Form has to be filled in as follows:

  1. The employee should enter the date of completion, their name, the department where they work, and their position in the organization.

  2. The form may include predefined response options, such as "always, sometimes, never" or "completely disagree, somewhat disagree, don't know, somewhat agree, completely agree." In this case, the employee should check the box next to the most appropriate response. If the form does not contain response options, the employee should print a detailed answer to each question on the space provided.

  3. Usually, the employee must evaluate the following aspects of their work:

    • Indicate whether the quality of work produced by you meets all the requirements. Specify whether you always complete the tasks assigned to you on time;
    • Evaluate your productivity, answer if you have prepared the expected quantity of work;
    • Estimate your job knowledge. Provide information about your role in the company, job responsibilities, the equipment necessary to perform it, and other work closely related to your sphere of activity. Answer if you are comfortable with the obligations assigned to you;
    • Provide information about your technical skills, participation in training, and completion of advanced training courses;
    • Provide details about your dependability. Specify whether your supervisors can rely on you to complete a project;
    • Evaluate your attendance, punctuality, and time management;
    • Indicate if you take initiative when appropriate, look for new work assignments or projects;
    • Estimate your creativity. Answer if you propose new and creative ideas and solutions to working situations;
    • Provide information about your working relationships, answer if you work well with other employees, can cooperate, and help them. Answer about your ability to maintain a positive attitude on the workplace;
    • Provide information about your communication skills, indicate your conflict resolution and management skills;
    • Provide information about confidentiality, such as your ability to keep work-related information and issues confidential.
  4. The employee must enter details of their accomplishments, specify the goals they have achieved, indicate job-related areas where they need improvement.

  5. The employee should sign the form.

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