Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is a document that businesses use to assess the level of satisfaction of their customers. It is a questionnaire that is supposed to be filled in by their clients to express their contentment, which helps to understand their needs better or shows what should be changed. A Customer Satisfaction Survey template can be downloaded below.

Alternate Name:

  • Client Satisfaction Survey.

The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the fulfillment of customers with the goods that a business produces (or services that a business provides). With this document, a company can build a better connection with their clients since they are the key element in business success.


How to Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction is a very important indicator for any business. A grateful customer is more likely to come back to a business where they enjoyed the service. To evaluate the index of customer satisfaction a business should develop a Customer Satisfaction Survey which will provide an extensive amount of valuable information on the subject. However, the survey should not be too big, since no customer will be happy to answer a large number of questions. The key is to form the questions in the right way so that they will give useful information for future improvements.

Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey will be easier if a business will predetermine its content by defining directions, such as:

  1. The audience. A company should decide whether they will be surveying new customers, long-time questions, or those who did not come back. It can also be presented as one of the Customer Satisfaction Survey questions.
  2. The types of questions. Businesses can use different types of questions when measuring the level of customer satisfaction. It can be questions with a satisfaction scale, where clients are supposed to measure their contentment using a presented scale, open-ended questions that a customer is supposed to fill in, or simple questions with "yes" or "no" answers.
  3. The subject of the questions. It is necessary to develop the structure of the survey and determine what the questions should be about. Most surveys contain questions about a customer (location, age, occupation, etc.), the quality of provided services (or produced goods), what a customer would like to change in their experience, what were the highlights or the best parts of the experience, etc.
  4. Future correspondence. A survey might bring up further questions, it is necessary to know if a customer is up for further dialogue or is willing to take other surveys in the future.

The most popular Customer Satisfaction Survey questions include:

  • How can we improve your experience with the company?
  • Would you recommend us to your friends?
  • How long did it take us to solve your problem?

The survey questions can be changed depending on the type of products a company is procuring, the nature of business, and any other influential factors.

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