Workshop Evaluation Form

Workshop Evaluation Form

What Is a Workshop Evaluation Form?

A Workshop Evaluation Form is a document that is used to appraise any type of educational workshop. The purpose of the form is to provide workshop organizers with feedback from individuals who have attended it. The document is usually developed by the organizers themselves and handed out to individuals after the workshop is over.

Alternate Name:

  • Workshop Evaluation Sheet.

This form is an essential tool in the workshop evaluation process. By analyzing information received there, the workshop organizers can find out whether the workshop was successful, what should be changed, and what was its highlight. It can also help to determine the direction of future workshop developments. A printable Workshop Evaluation Form template can be downloaded below.


How Do You Evaluate a Workshop?

The process of evaluating a workshop starts with creating a form that individuals who have attended the workshop will complete. The document should be thorough yet not overloaded with questions. It can contain several sections such as:

  1. Title . To state the nature of the document, the form should start with a title. In the first part, the workshop organizers can state the name of the company that organized the workshop, and put their logo on it.

  2. Information About the Attendants . Here the individuals who attended the workshop can provide their personal information that can later help with the statistics, such as their age, gender, location, etc.

  3. Information About the Workshop . In this part of the document, the form should provide information about the workshop that is subject to the evaluation form. The document should state the location where the workshop took place, the date, and its name.

  4. Workshop Evaluation . This is supposed to be the biggest part of the document since it contains questions that individuals may answer. To appraise the workshop the organizers should have different types of questions in the sheet, such as:

    • Organization . Organizers should include questions that will reveal how well the workshop was organized. For example, it can include questions whether the attendants felt comfortable, or if there were enough materials for everybody, etc.;
    • Content . The document should also contain enough questions about the workshop's content. The attendants should designate whether they found the workshop's subject interesting and useful, will they apply the knowledge they received during the workshop in their lives, etc.;
    • Highlights . It can be useful for organizers to ask individuals who attended the workshop about the moments they enjoyed the most. It can be a specific topic discussed during the workshop, an experiment, etc.

The organizers can use different types of workshop evaluation questions in their forms. They can be open-ended questions, simple "yes" or "no" questions, or questions with a scale where individuals are supposed to rate something as the response. It can include questions, such as:

  1. What was the strength of the workshop?
  2. Did the individual find the workshop useful?
  3. What was the individual's overall impression of the workshop?
  4. During the workshop, were clear instructions provided?
  5. What did the workshop attendants expect from the workshop?

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