Candidate Evaluation Form

Candidate Evaluation Form

What Is a Candidate Evaluation Form?

A Candidate Evaluation Form is a written document that outlines the performance of the job candidate during the job interview. One of the most important tools of any human resources department and hiring managers, this statement will list the strengths and weaknesses of every individual interviewed for a particular position, improve the interview process the company will need in the future, and determine which person should be considered a good addition to the business and offered employment. Once the interview is over, spend several minutes to fill out this template to indicate the main highlights of the conversation - this will help you to choose the best job candidate.

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You can download an Interview Evaluation Form template through the link below. Complete this document, review the collected information to pick a person to hire, and retain a copy of the evaluation with the employee's personal records.


How to Make an Interview Evaluation Form?

Here is how you should prepare a Job Candidate Evaluation Form:

  1. Write down the names of the job candidate and the employee who conducted the interview. Enter the date of the interview.
  2. Prepare a numerical rating to assess the candidate's personal qualities, qualifications, and experience. Alternatively, you can evaluate the interview using scores from "poor" to "excellent" or rate the interview by giving the candidate from 1 to 10 points per criterium.
  3. If you choose to write down your short assessment of the candidate, you can start with outlining the candidate's education and professional experience which allow them to succeed as the prospective employee of your company. Since most of these details are included in the candidate's resume and job application, you can limit this section to a couple of sentences.
  4. List qualifications and skills the candidate has claimed to have. If you had a chance to test any of them during the interview, for instance, a foreign language proficiency, you can indicate that the candidate has demonstrated intermediate or advanced language skills.
  5. Record the personal qualities the interviewed individual has included in their job application. If you have conducted the interview by offering a candidate a test or exercise to find out more about them, such as an exercise to check their communication skills or customer interaction ability, you can write down the results of the test in the evaluation form as well.
  6. Leave blank space or several lines at the bottom of the form to add your personal opinion regarding the candidate especially if you need to record something not listed above. For example, you can describe the candidate's reaction to your criticisms and their preparedness to assume the leadership role.

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