Internship Agreement Template

Internship Agreement Template

What Is an Internship Agreement?

An Internship Agreement is a legal contract signed between a company (an internship provider) and an individual (an intern), in which the parties agree that an intern will be gaining knowledge and improving their skills within the company during their educational internship.

Alternate Names:

  • Intern Agreement;
  • Internship Contract.

The internship will last for a certain period of time marked in the document (they generally last for six months), during which an intern will be paid an allowance if it is a paid Internship Agreement unless the parties have signed a non-paid Internship Agreement, where an intern does not get paid. The agreement can be signed between two parties, a company and an intern, however, sometimes the document can be signed between three parties, with the involvement of an educational organization as a separate party.

An Internship Agreement template can be downloaded below or you can make your own using our online form builder. Depending on how a company would like to style its Internship Agreement, the template downloaded below can be either for a paid internship or an unpaid internship.


What Should Be Included in an Internship Agreement?

Usually, an Internship Agreement form is developed by the company in question. The document should contain parts, which include the following:

  1. Title . The document should start with a title, from which it is clear what kind of agreement this is.
  2. Information about Parties . Here a filer should state the names of the parties involved and their position in the contract, for example, an internship provider and an intern.
  3. Subject . In this part of the agreement, the company should state the purpose of the agreement. Generally, it is stated that the subject is an educational internship during which an intern is supposed to develop their knowledge of the company and gain new skills.
  4. Duration of the Internship . The term of the educational internship must be stated as well in the document.
  5. Intern's Allowance . If an intern is eligible for an allowance, the amount should be stated here, as well as how often it is paid. If the intern is not entitled to receive an allowance it should also be designated.
  6. Parties' Rights and Responsibilities . All of the parties' rights and responsibilities must be described in detail in this part of the contract. From this section, it should be clearly stated what each side has a right to do and what they should not do.
  7. Other Terms and Conditions . Here applicants can designate any other important statements worth mentioning. For example, a company can mention that the intern does not replace any employees, or if there is an estimated internship schedule.
  8. Governing Law . Parties should mention the state law in accordance with which the agreement will be governed.
  9. Contact Information . For notification purposes, the company and the intern must enter their contact information, which includes their address, telephone number, and email.
  10. Signatures . To express their agreement with every statement in the document, the involved parties must sign the document and date it.

The content of the document can be changed due to the specifics of the situation and the state's common law. Filers can add sections like severability, jurisdiction, representatives, etc. in the agreement. Sometimes, in addition to the contract, companies can request their interns to sign an internship Confidentiality Agreement to secure their proprietary information from leakage. Nevertheless, a Confidentiality Agreement can be included in the Internship Agreement in the form of a nondisclosure clause.

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