Internship Offer Letter Template

Internship Offer Letter Template

What Is an Internship Offer Letter?

An Internship Offer Letter is a formal notification that tells an internship candidate they were approved for an internship with a particular organization. You can download a printable Internship Offer Letter template through the link below.

Whether you draft an unpaid or paid Internship Offer Letter, at a minimum, you should introduce yourself and greet the selected candidate, congratulate them on being chosen for the internship position, record the details of the internship - the particular department they will work for, the duration of the internship, their schedule, and the name of their direct supervisor, indicate the details of their salary if this internship is paid, and briefly describe the ambitions and goals of your business to start building a positive relationship between the company and the intern who may later become a permanent employee.


How to Write an Internship Offer Letter?

An Internship Offer Letter should include the following parts:

  1. Information about the addressee. In the first part of the document, the sender can designate information about the potential intern. It can include their name, address, and telephone number.
  2. Information about the sender. Here, the sender can provide their identifying information and the identifying information of the internship provider that they are authorized to represent.
  3. Date. Legal documents should always indicate the date when they were written. It helps to show that their content is valid and current.
  4. Description of the internship. The sender can use this part to describe the terms and conditions of the internship that is offered to the prospective intern. It can include the time period of the internship, the responsibilities of the intern, and their work schedule. If writing a paid Internship Offer Letter, then the sender should state the payment that the potential intern is entitled to. If writing an unpaid Internship Offer Letter, then the sender should state that the intern will not be paid during the estimated time period.
  5. Contact Details. In case the prospective intern will have any questions or would like to negotiate certain clauses, the sender should include their contact information in the letter. It can include their email and telephone number.
  6. Signature. The sender should sign the document to verify that its contents are true and correct.
  7. Conclusion. Provide space for the potential intern to put their signature if they accept the internship offer. They can also indicate that they understand the content of the document and agree with it.

After the potential intern accepts the offer of the internship provider, they are supposed to sign an Internship Agreement that will regulate their relationship during the period of the internship.

How to Write a Rejection Letter for an Internship Offer?

If an individual does not want to accept the offer, they can respond to it with a Rejection Letter for an internship offer. Just like a Refusal Letter for a Job Offer, the document should be written in a cordial manner and express gratitude to the internship provider for making the offer.

The letter should not be overloaded with details. Make sure to include the following parts:

  1. Introduction. In the first part of the letter, the sender can thank the internship provider for contacting them and offering the opportunity to become a part of their team.
  2. Polite Rejection. Here, the sender can say that even though it was a difficult decision they cannot accept the offer.
  3. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, senders can wish the internship provider future success and again indicate that they appreciate their offer.

Stating the reason why the individual does not want to accept the offer is not obligatory, nevertheless, it can be done if they want to be respectful and tactful. The individual does not have to give specific reasons, a brief explanation would be enough in this case.

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