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What Is an Internship Offer Letter?

An Internship Offer Letter is a document that can be used when an entity (an internship provider) would like to offer an internship to a potential intern. The purpose of the document is to provide the prospective intern with information about the internship, such as where it will be held, how long it will be, whether it is a paid or unpaid internship, etc. 

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An Offer Letter for an internship can be sent or handed to a student or a future job candidate to help them gain work experience. The internship is supposed to teach them how to apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Internship Offer Letter Types 

  1. Generic Internship Offer Letter. Complete this generic Offer Letter for an Internship to tell the intern they were chosen to intern with your organization - write down the starting date of the internship and record their duties and obligations.
  2. Sample Unpaid Internship Offer Letter. You may use this short statement for reference when drafting your own letter to the future intern - state the name of the position they were selected for and the department they will join, mention the internship is unpaid, and demand the intern to keep the information they learn about your company in the future confidential.
  3. Sample Acceptance Letter for Internship Offer. Fill out this document once you have received the confirmation from the company that chose you to be an intern. After your interview was deemed successful and the employee in charge of the internship program has reached out to you to ask whether you are still interested in their organization, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the prospective internship in writing. 

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Sample "Acceptance Letter for Internship Offer"

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An internship candidate may prepare and submit this letter to the organization that has chosen them as an intern.

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Offer Letter Template Letters

Sample "Unpaid Internship Offer Letter"

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Send this letter to an internship applicant to notify them that their candidacy was approved and they are welcome to start working with your company.

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Offer Letter Template Letters

"Internship Offer Letter Template"

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Use this customizable and printable letter template to offer an internship to a potential temporary worker.

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Offer Letter Template Letters