What Is a Job Offer Letter?

A Job Offer Letter is a formal document prepared by the employer and sent to the job candidate to notify the latter they got the job they applied for. Once you have reviewed several job applications, interviewed job candidates, and selected the best of them for the position you have advertised, it is needed to send the future employee a letter that informs them of your choice. 

Alternate Names:

  • Job Offer Acceptance Letter;
  • Employment Letter.

There is no uniform Job Offer Letter format - the employer or the human resources representative can customize this document the way they consider appropriate. However, at a minimum, this statement should correctly identify the employer by their name and address, greet the recipient by their name, confirm the employer is offering them the position, congratulate the prospective employee with this success, briefly describe their future job duties, refer to the main details that will be included in the Employment Contract such as the wages and the schedule, and request the employee to reach out as soon as they can to further discuss the employment and sign all the necessary documentation. 

Job Offer Letter Types 

  1. Job Offer Letter. A generic template of this kind will let you fill in all the details you want - tell the job candidate whether the job is full-time or part-time, briefly describe the benefits program, and request them to contact you in order to sign the Employment Contract.
  2. Simple Job Offer Letter. Use this short letter for reference when drafting a message to the job candidate who you have chosen for the job - a notification of this kind is necessary when the person is yet to go through several procedures like the background check or drug screening, depending on the job they were picked for. 
  3. Job Offer Letter From Employer. Personalize this document to list the main conditions of employment you proposing - the job title, the salary rate, the work schedule, and the benefits. You can also include the name of the candidate's future supervisor and ask your future employee to confirm their consent to work for you.

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"Simple Job Offer Letter Template"

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Employers may use this letter when they would like to offer a job to one of their potential hiring candidates.

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Employee Letter Template Letters

"Job Offer Letter Template"

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These letters are sent to candidates after an initial verbal offer of employment from the employer.

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Employee Letter Template Letters

Sample "Job Offer Letter From Employer"

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2 pages

Employers may use this type of letter when they would like to offer a job to a potential employee.

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Employee Letter Template Letters