Employee Letter Templates and Samples

Employee Letters are documents that can be used when interacting with members of your staff. These letters can cover different aspects of employment, including verifying different employment facts, providing information connected with work, job application queries, etc.

Usually, an Employee Letter is dedicated to one specific issue which it is supposed to solve. It can be written by an employee or an employer, depending on which exact matter it is supposed to maintain. The document can be presented in two forms: printed letters and employee emails - which one to use is up to the sender of the letter. Check out our library below to download printable Employee Letter templates and samples.

Employee Letter Types

  1. Job Offer Letter. This letter is supposed to be used when an employer would like to offer a candidate to attend a job interview for a vacant position in their company that they might be interested in.
  2. Employment Verification Letter. Hiring managers can ask a potential employer for this kind of letter when they need an official document that will verify information about their current employment.
  3. Income Verification Letter. This document can be used to validate information about the employee’s income. It is supposed to be verified with the employer’s signature and a stamp.
  4. Job Application Cover Letter. A Cover Letter for a job application summarizes all of the important information about a candidate, highlighting their achievements, and outlines the main stages of their career development.
  5. Job Abandonment Letter. Employers can use this type of letter when their employees did not report to work for consecutive days without notice. With this letter, they can inform the employee that their employment has been terminated.
  6. Employee Suspension Letter. This type of letter is applicable to situations when an employee needs to be informed that they have been temporarily removed from work due to their misconduct.
  7. Return to Work with Restrictions Letter. When an employee is set to return to work after an injury or illness, their doctor can use this kind of letter to inform their employer about any restrictions of duties the employee should follow due to their condition.
  8. Refusal Letter for Job Offer. Employees can use this document when they want to notify the company that has offered them a job that they are not interested in their Job Proposal.
  9. Warning Letter to Employee. This is a formal document that is used to inform the employee about their misconduct, poor job performance, company policy violation, or other issues that they did, and warn them about its consequences.
  10. Community Service Letter. This type of document is supposed to verify the fact that the individual has performed a certain type of community service. Generally, the letter is issued by a charitable organization.
  11. Layoff Letter. This letter is used to inform them that their employment has been terminated due to reasons not directly connected with their own actions, such as mergers, relocations, and bankruptcy.

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This is a document that can be used to notify an employee that they are suspended for a certain period of time and are restricted from all working areas and premises.

Employers may use this letter when they would like to offer a job to one of their potential hiring candidates.

Check out this sample template in order to complete your own Income Verification Letter.

This letter verifies the amount of money an individual receives as a self-employed worker.

This letter provides legal proof of income of an individual applying for a bank account, credit card, loan, or lease.

Independent contractors may use a letter such as this when they would like to verify their employment status.

These letters are sent to candidates after an initial verbal offer of employment from the employer.

Employers may use this type of letter when they would like to offer a job to a potential employee.


The purpose of this document is to confirm that a person is self-employed, the income they receive, and the type of business they are conducting.

The purpose of this letter is to confirm the sponsor's employment, the entity where they work, the name and description of their position, their salary, and residential address.


An employer can prepare this letter to send to an employee who has been constantly late to work or did not show up for an important work event.

This is a formal document drafted by the human resources department of a company and presented to an employee who has exhibited improper behavior and negatively impacted their colleagues and their work environment.

This letter is a written document that verifies the salary of an employee.

This letter informs the employee about the fact that they had been terminated due to having abandoned their job.

Use this letter to notify employees about the fact that your business or organization needs to make cuts for financial reasons.

This type of letter is used when an employee needs to take a leave of absence but would like to return to their job at some point with some restrictions on their return.


This letter will help you prove the work you've performed for the betterment and benefit of your local community.


Download and complete this template to send to a group, school, or agency that will request proof of the community service hours completed.

Use this template if you need to cut down on staff, whether due to a merger, buyout, economic downturn, or decrease in business.

This type of letter states why a company is submitting a Workers Compensation Denial and how the worker can contest the findings if they so choose.

The human resources department of a company may use a sample letter such as this as a reference to discipline an employee who has been consistently late or absent at work.

The purpose of this type of document is to convince your creditor to stop taking garnishments from an individual's salary.

This type of letter can be used as a reference to report employee-related incidents.

This type of letter can be used as a reference when it is time to expand your workforce and you need to submit a request to the head of your department or company for approval to hire a new employee.

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