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What Is a Community Service Letter?

When an individual has completed a set number of community service hours, a Community Service Letter can be sent to the group, school, or agency that will request proof of the hours completed. Check out the links below to browse printable Community Service Letter templates and samples.

Alternate Name:

  • Community Service Verification Letter.

A Community Service Verification Letter for court will need to be completed if a judge has ordered community service hours as part of a plea agreement or sentencing, so it is important to make sure your letter looks official. If a letter is deemed to be a fake, it can impede an individual’s ability to fulfill a court order or requirement for school, church, or organization (like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts).

An important thing to know about court-ordered volunteer hours is that if an individual is found to have made a fake Community Service Letter it could result in additional volunteer hours added to their sentence or possibly jail time, so it is pertinent to make sure all hours are recorded accurately. 

It is also a good idea to create a generic Community Service Letter template that can easily be adapted for each volunteer that will take a minimal amount of writing time, especially if your organization is heavily dependent upon volunteer labor.

How to Write a Community Service Letter?

You will want to include the following information when writing your sample Community Service Letter:

  1. A professional letterhead. If you want your community service letter to look authentic, you will need to include your organization’s name, logo, and contact information at the beginning of every letter.
  2. The date and address of the organization requiring the volunteer hours. Attn: court case number, scout troop number, student ID number (of the school the volunteer attends).
  3. Greetings to the individual in charge of recording volunteer assignments.
  4. A summary of the hours completed by the volunteer at your organization. Refer to the agreed-upon number needed for completion with the ability to provide additional documentation if needed. If this is for a service project, be sure to describe in detail the activities the volunteer helped complete. For example, if you work for an animal shelter you could include a statement such as, “this volunteer helped our facility by training the adoptable pets, assisting with cleanup duties, and answering the front desk phone. In the time they have spent volunteering at our facility, we have had numerous animals adopted into forever homes thanks to the training and care spent on each animal by the volunteer.”
  5. If the volunteer helped improve your facility or a process at your organization, be sure to mention this too. You will want to highlight the achievements or successes the volunteer had while at your organization.
  6. The final paragraph should include a description of your organization and how you serve the community. This will give the recipient a better picture of where the volunteer worked and can help you connect to more volunteers in the future.
  7. Finish with a closing salutation, your name, and signature.

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