What Is a Community Service Letter? 

A Community Service Letter is a handwritten or typed document that certifies a certain individual has contributed to a community service described in writing. Typically prepared by a charitable organization or volunteer service, this short note should describe the date and location of the service, the number of hours the person dedicated to this service, and their exact responsibilities. 

Alternate Names: 

  • Community Service Verification Letter; 
  • Community Service Completion Letter. 

Whether you have shared your time and services with a local charity to build up your resume or you need to confirm your participation in community service because the educational institution has required proof, this is the document for you. Ask an authorized representative of the volunteer organization or charity to provide you with the letter or send them a ready-made template to add necessary details and sign. 

Community Service Letter Types 

  1. Generic Community Service Letter. Fill out this generic template if your current or former volunteer requests it. You can add all the essential details - state the name and address of your organization, greet the third party that will read the letter, identify the volunteer, and thank them for their contribution to a particular event or everyday activities of your charity. The note should contain the precise number of hours the individual spent working for you and your contact details so that any third party knows how to reach out to you for more information.
  2. Sample Community Service Letter. Use this document for reference when verifying any person's community service experience. You can briefly add the description of your charitable work and the goals you pursue to encourage others to join your efforts and attach a certificate or report that will serve as further proof of the individual's contributions to your charitable cause. 

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Sample "Community Service Letter"

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This letter will help you prove the work you've performed for the betterment and benefit of your local community.

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"Community Service Letter Template"

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Download and complete this template to send to a group, school, or agency that will request proof of the community service hours completed.

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