Employment Verification Letter Templates and Samples

What Is an Employment Verification Letter?

An Employment Verification Letter is a formal document signed by the employer that verifies that the employee named in the letter actually works for the company, states their salary, and other details requested by a third party.

Alternate Names:

  • Employee Verification Letter;
  • Proof of Employment Letter;
  • Employment Confirmation Letter.

Generally, it is requested by a person or company that wants to know that the individual is employed and has a constant source of income – this may be a financial institution or landlord if the employee seeks to rent or purchase real property or an educational institution if the employee has to pay money for their children’s attendance in a particular school.

If you need to verify your employment or are looking for an Employment Verification Letter template for someone else, you can download a ready-made PDF or a Sample Employment Verification Letter via the links below.

Employment Verification Letter Types

  1. Generic Employment Verification Letter. You can fill out this short statement if your employee has asked you to confirm the fact of their employment - write down their name and the name of your organization, indicate the duration of the employment, their job title, and salary details.
  2. Sample Employment Verification Letter for Immigration. In case you have to prove a prospective immigrant has a sponsor who is currently employed and prepared to bear the financial burden of financing the needs of their relative or friend, you can use this template for reference.
  3. Sample Self-Employment Verification Letter. If you are your own boss yet a third party has asked you to verify you are employed, you should utilize this document to demonstrate your earnings as a sole proprietor or freelancer and provide evidence that shows your regular income.
  4. Sample Employment Verification Letter for Independent Contractor. An entity that works with an individual contractor or the individual in question can complete this template to confirm the contractor's past experience and to be selected for future projects.

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Independent contractors may use a letter such as this when they would like to verify their employment status.

The purpose of this document is to confirm that a person is self-employed, the income they receive, and the type of business they are conducting.

The purpose of this letter is to confirm the sponsor's employment, the entity where they work, the name and description of their position, their salary, and residential address.


This letter is a written document that verifies the salary of an employee.

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