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What Is an Employment Verification Letter? 

An Employment Verification Letter is a formal document signed by the employer that verifies that the employee named in the letter actually works for the company, states their salary, and other details requested by a third party.

Alternate Names:

  • Employee Verification Letter;
  • Proof of Employment Letter;
  • Employment Confirmation Letter.

Generally, it is requested by a person or company that wants to know that the individual is employed and has a constant source of income – this may be a financial institution or landlord if the employee seeks to rent or purchase real property or an educational institution if the employee has to pay money for their children’s attendance in a particular school. 

If you need to verify your employment or are looking for an Employment Verification Letter template for someone else, you can download a ready-made PDF or a Sample Employment Verification Letter from the links below.

How to Write an Employment Verification Letter? 

A Letter of Employee Verification should contain the following details:

  1. Add the name and title of the person who requested the letter. If the requester is an entity, you should indicate their legal name.
  2. Introduce yourself, your job title, name of the company, and department (if necessary).
  3. Name your employee and inform the third party that they are currently employed with your company on a permanent or temporary basis. If the individual identified in the letter is your former employee, you must add the date of separation and provide the reason behind it.
  4. State how many hours the individual works every week and their income, either weekly or monthly. This letter is commonly called the Employee Income Verification Letter since its primary purpose is to verify the salary the employee receives. Add a proper description of the employee’s wages in your letter to certify the amount of money they receive.
  5. Write down information about the employee's duties and their current job title. If the employee asks you to state information about their personal qualities, you may enter the positive characteristics and traits you have discovered while working with the individual. Speak from your personal experience and be truthful.
  6. End the letter with a polite salutation and add your contact information inviting the requester to call or mail you if they have any further questions or concerns.

How Can I Get Employment Verification?

If you need to request an Employment Verification Letter from your employer, do it correctly – check in with the Human Resources department first to learn their policy regarding the release of company information. It is also possible to go directly to your supervisor, manager, or director and ask them for a letter, especially if you have a good rapport with them. 

Draft an additional consent to release your personal data to be later attached to the letter – only you can authorize this kind of access to your salary details. Discuss what you are looking for in the letter – for example, you may ask the employer to confirm your income of the last six months or five years, whatever works best for you and the third-party who requests the information. Once the letter is prepared, the individual who composed it can send it directly to the requesting party or give the letter to you – depends on what you have agreed upon. 

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