Sample Self-employment Verification Letter

Sample Self-employment Verification Letter

A Self-Employment Verification Letter is a document that can be used if self-employed individuals would like to verify their employment. The purpose of the document is to confirm that the person is self-employed, their income, and the type of business they are conducting.

Alternate Name:

  • Employment Verification Letter for Self-Employed.

This letter can be prepared by a freelance individual or by someone who provides them with accounting services. Individuals can be asked to provide this kind of document by banks, landlords, health insurance companies, and other entities. A Sample Self-Employment Verification Letter is available for download below.

Generally, this document can contain several parts:

  1. Information About the Sender and the Addressee. In the first part of the document, the sender must designate their name and postal address, and the name and the postal address of the receiver of the letter.
  2. Introduction. If the confirmation letter is prepared not by the self-employed individual, the sender must introduce themselves and explain the nature of their relationship with the self-employed individual.
  3. Confirmation of Self-Employment. Here, the sender can designate that the individual is self-employed, state for how long they have been self-employed, what is their income, and what kind of work they do.

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