Income Verification Letter Template

Income Verification Letter Template

What Is an Income Verification Letter?

An Income Verification Letter is a written statement, generally drafted by the employer after the request of their employee, that confirms the wages the employee in question is currently receiving. Additionally, this letter verifies the length of employment and the work experience of the employee (see Employment Verification Letter for more information). Whether you are applying for a loan or mortgage or preparing to rent a residence, need to show how much you earn to give a percentage of your wages to child support or, alternatively, receive child support because your salary is not high enough, a Verification of Income Letter will contain all the necessary details.

Alternate Name:

  • Proof of I ncome Letter.

Download an Income Verification Letter template via the link below. You may use this document even if you are self-employed - as long as you specify what you do, explain why are you the one who writes the letter, list all possible sources of income, and attach bank and financial statements that prove your earnings, you will be approved for a loan, rental agreement, or child support.


How to Write an Income Verification Letter?

Here is how you should fill out a Letter of Income Verification:

  1. Prepare a document on company letterhead and affix it with a seal to show it is official. Before you start composing a document, ask the employee what information they are expecting to see in it - it is possible they only need the description of their salary for the last six months, for instance.
  2. Write down the name of your company, its contact details, and the federal employer identification number. State your own name and title - often the company directors assign these letters to a human resources department employee, so do not forget to mention the department or unit you represent.
  3. Record the name of the employee in question and indicate whether they work for your organization full-time or part-time. Specify their job title and write down the date they were hired.
  4. Enter the employee's salary and describe how often they get paid. Do not forget to list commissions and bonuses - even if you cannot show an accurate amount because it is changing every week or month, you may record the percentage the employee gets from every deal or sold product or provide the employee's results of the last report period.
  5. Add your own contact information - a telephone number and an email - to let the letter reader get in touch with you if there are any additional questions or concerns. Once the document is ready, give it to the employee or send it directly to the third party that needs it.

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