At-Will Termination Letter Template

At-Will Termination Letter Template

What Is an At Will Termination Letter?

An At Will Termination Letter is a formal statement that allows the employer to fire employees at any time during their employment without giving any particular reasons or explanations.

Alternate Name:

  • At Will Employment Termination Letter.

This legal tool offers a lot of flexibility for the employer - they can unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the employment, and if the employee does not want to work in these circumstances, the employer may notify them about the termination of their employment. You can download an At Will Termination Letter template through the link below.


How to Write an At Will Termination Letter?

Here is how you should compose an At Will Termination Letter:

  1. Enter the date of drafting the letter, write down the employee's name, and inform them their employment with the company will come to an end on a certain date. Tell them this decision will not be reconsidered.
  2. If there are still financial arrangements to be discussed - for instance, you have to pay the employee their wages - you may offer the employee to come into the office to receive their money or send them the money. Also, you need to explain the arrangements regarding pay for unused leave, perks, and benefits. If the employee needs to return the company property, for example, a cell phone and a company badge, inform them how to do that.
  3. Although at will termination means the employer does not have to tell the employee the reason they are being fired, you can still give them positive or negative feedback to help them grow and learn from this experience.
  4. Employers are not under the obligation to provide two weeks' notice when sending an At Will Employment Termination Letter, but it would be a good idea to tell the employee they will be fired before their last day at work comes so that they can start looking for a new job in advance.
  5. Thank the employee for their contribution to your business. Add your contact details - if there are any further questions or you have invited the employee to call or mail you, they will know how to get in touch with you. Sign the letter - although it is the human resources department's duty to recruit and terminate employees, two people may sign the termination letter - an individual who handled termination and the business owner.

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