Lease Termination Letter Template

Lease Termination Letter Template

What Is a Lease Termination Letter?

A Lease Termination Letter is a written document completed by one of the parties to a lease agreement (a landlord or a tenant) to notify the other party the lease will be canceled. This statement can be used for residential and commercial real estate alike. Whether one of the parties violates the terms of the contract or one of the counterparts simply does not want or need to continue the lease anymore, this document will tell the recipient in advance that the lease will have to be terminated before it expires.

Alternate Names:

  • Lease Termination Agreement;
  • Early Lease Termination Letter;
  • Notice of Lease Termination;
  • Notice of Terminating Tenancy.

You may download a printable Lease Termination Letter template through the link below.

To make a proper Lease Termination Letter, you need to identify yourself, greet the other party using their full legal name or business name, describe the rented property, refer to the original lease, and confirm your intention to cancel the lease. Sign the document and offer the letter reader to contact you in case they have any questions or concerns - it is probable you need to discuss the matter of an unpaid rent or security deposit, or you may want to patch up a relationship with the other party that might have violated the lease.


What to Say in a Lease Termination Letter?

Apart from the usual information required for any document, such as the names, addresses, and the like, the notice to end tenancy has to show the original Lease Agreement or Rental Agreement with the names and start and end dates of the contract. You also need to specify the reason for your release of the Lease Agreement (what caused you to end the rental agreement). Indicate the vacate date, meaning the day when the tenant is supposed to move out. Finally, it is a good idea to include the forwarding address, where the correspondence will be sent to after the tenant leaves the property.

The general rule of thumb is to understand why the Termination of Lease Letter is being written. Let us take two scenarios: the landlord gives notice and the tenant gives notice. In the first scenario, you prepare yourself to show the court that you gave the tenant a fair warning. As a tenant, you need a very good reason to end your tenancy early. Basically, you have to show that the place is unfit to live in by providing proof that the implied warranty of habitability has been violated by the landlord.

If you do not use a Notice of Lease Termination, you may find it difficult to make a point in court. The judge does not look favorably at the tenant who simply moves out without notice and at the landlord who kicks out their tenants without a warning. Social norms presuppose the initial one-year Rental Agreement is honored. Therefore, the best scenario is when the two parties agree and end their contract on the terms of a mutual understanding. Sometimes it means the landlord has to do some costly repairs and at other times, the tenant will have to pay a lease termination fee.

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