Real Estate Offer Letter Template

Real Estate Offer Letter Template

What Is a Real Estate Offer Letter?

A Real Estate Offer Letter is a document that can be used by a potential buyer when they want to express their intention to a homeowner to buy their house. The purpose of the document is to outline the main terms and conditions of the deal that the buyer is willing to accept.

A printable Real Estate Offer Letter template can be found through the link below. Generally, an Offer Letter for real estate should not only contain financial information but also provide the homeowners with an explanation of why a prospective buyer would like to purchase their house. It will help them to make the offer stand out among any competitors and establish a connection with the homeowner.


How to Write a Real Estate Offer Letter?

Writing a Real Estate Offer Letter is a straightforward process. Nevertheless, if a sender has never done it before they might not know where to start. In this letter, the homeowner will be presented as an addressee, while the prospective buyer will be a sender. The document can contain several parts, such as:

  1. Identifying Information. In the first part of the document, the sender can designate the identifying information of the addressee. It should contain their name, address, and telephone number.
  2. Title. The document should start with a title, that will express its nature. The title will also help to distinguish the offer from other documents and draw the addressee's attention to it.
  3. Introduction. The sender can use this part of the letter to introduce themselves to the addressee and declare that they would like to buy the house they own. Here, they can describe the house by stating its address and main features (number of floors, square footage, etc.). In addition to this, they can explain why exactly they are interested in buying this particular house (close to school or work, preferable area, etc.).
  4. Conditions of the Offer. Senders can use this part of the document to indicate the main terms of the offer, which can include the purchase price that the sender is willing to pay for the property, payment details (deposit, down payment, monthly payments, etc.), and the settlement date.
  5. Date. The offer should include the date when it was written, which will validate that the document is current. It also should include the date until the offer is in effect. If the addressee does not accept the offer before this date, then the offer is considered to be declined.
  6. Contact Details. The sender should provide their contact information for the addressee in case they have any questions. It can include their email address and telephone number.
  7. Signature. To verify that the content of the document is true and correct the sender should sign it.
  8. Acknowledgment Area. At the end of the offer letter, the sender should provide the addressee with a section where the addressee can designate that they fully understand and accept the offer as it is by signing it.

If the homeowner does not want to accept the offer, they can respond to the potential buyer with a Real Estate Offer Rejection Letter. In this document, they can politely refuse the offer and give a brief explanation of why. Usually, homeowners clarify their decision by indicating that they have received a better offer and wish the potential buyer luck in their search.

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