Job Counter Offer Letter Template

Job Counter Offer Letter Template

A Job Counter Offer Letter is a written statement prepared by a job candidate who wants to reject the original employment conditions proposed by a prospective employer and suggest the inclusion of different terms in the employment agreement before signing the papers.

Alternate Names:

  • Job Offer Counter Offer Letter;
  • Employment Counter Offer Letter.

If you applied for a job and your interview was successful yet you believe you deserve a higher salary, better opportunities for promotion, or a benefits package to supplement your wages, you are allowed to negotiate with the company in question to make sure the terms of employment satisfy the demands of both parties. A Job Counter Offer Letter template can be downloaded below.


How to Write a Counter Offer Letter for a Job?

Follow these steps to compose a Counter Letter for Job Offer:

  1. Greet the employer and introduce yourself. Remind the letter reader about yourself and indicate the date you had your in-person interview. It is a good idea to bring up some points you have discussed with the individual who interviewed you and confirm you were grateful to be considered for the position.
  2. Refer to the call or letter you have received from the human resources department. You must show you appreciate the chance to be employed by the organization but you just cannot accept certain provisions mentioned to you by the recruiter. Whether this issue was raised and not resolved since the interview or you were misguided to believe your employment will mean a different schedule or better perks, you should mention the conditions you are not happy with.
  3. If you believe you can influence the employer and the hiring manager to change their mind due to your extensive professional experience or skills that help you to stand out among other candidates, you can remind the letter recipient about the years you have worked in the field, your accomplishments and accolades that make you the perfect choice for the position.
  4. Keep the tone polite and positive. Even if you consider the salary offer offensive or the hiring manager said one thing during the interview yet eventually you were offered less money than you expected, you should remain professional and continue to impress the potential employer with your poise and preparedness to negotiate and adapt.
  5. Although the counter offer means you want to dispute one or several terms you were presented with, make sure you include positive affirmations in your letter. Reiterate your enthusiasm and interest in the job vacancy and tell the recruiter that other conditions of employment are to your liking.
  6. Add your contact details and ask the employer to reach out as soon as possible. Sign and date the letter. Since there is a small chance you will engage in a legal dispute with the employer during the employment contract negotiations, there is no need to send certified mail - you may send an e-mail or use traditional mail to propose alternative terms of employment.

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