Counter Offer Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Counter Offer Letter?

A Counter Offer Letter is a formal response prepared by an individual who is not satisfied with an initial offer they have received - whether from a prospective employer or from an insurance provider.

If you want to change certain conditions of your future employment or receive a bigger compensation than the one your insurer is ready to provide, you can choose one of the Counter Offer Letter examples below to confirm your wish to negotiate with the other party as long as your terms are taken into account. Select the letter most suitable for your current situation and send it to the employer or insurer via e-mail or certified mail - this way, you can document the communication with the other party in case disagreements or disputes occur in the future.

Counter Offer Letter Types

  1. Generic Counter Offer Letter. Use this template for reference when you negotiate the employment agreement with the human resources department of your future employer - reiterate your interest in the position yet stand firm regarding the conditions that matter to you most whether it is your salary, work schedule, or sick pay.
  2. Job Counter Offer Letter. If your job interview was successful and the employer has reached out to tell you the position in question is yours, yet certain provisions of the employment agreement seem to you unsatisfactory, there is a chance for you to be hired on your own terms, especially if you believe you are the best candidate for the job. Write this letter to notify the employer several terms of the employment are not to your liking - for instance, you can ask them for a higher salary, a more complete benefits package, or more paid vacation days.
  3. Counter Offer Letter for Insurance Settlement. In case the insurance company offers you less money than you expected to help you deal with a work injury, an unexpected illness, scheduled surgery, or property damage, compose this document to obtain better compensation - it is very likely the insurer will offer you inadequate compensation at first, so it is up to you to fight for a better settlement offer.

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An insurance policyholder may send a letter such as this to an insurance company to inform the latter about an unacceptable settlement offer they have made.

A job candidate may prepare a letter such as this when they want to reject the original employment conditions proposed by a prospective employer and suggest the inclusion of different terms in the employment agreement before signing the papers.

An individual may use this type of letter when they have received an offer from an individual or entity and they would like to modify it.

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