Sample Counter Offer Letter

Sample Counter Offer Letter

A Counter Offer Letter is a document that can be used when an individual has received an offer and would like to modify it. The purpose of the document is to change an offer you have received and send it back to the individual or entity you received it from.

This kind of letter can be used in many different situations, but mostly when an individual receives a job offer and they would like to change it. A Counter Offer Letter sample can be downloaded below.

With this letter, you can express your interest in a position you have been offered, as well as designate that you would like some terms of the offer to be different. Generally, this type of letter does not have to be long and can consist of three parts:

  1. Introduction. Begin your letter by expressing gratitude for the offer you received from your prospective employer.
  2. Counter Offer Details. Here, you can explain that you would like to discuss the offer and change its terms. You need to state what exactly you want to be different (salary, work schedule, etc.) and why (extensive work experience, achievements, etc.).
  3. Conclusion. Finish your letter by thanking the potential employer for their attention and indicating that you hope to hear from them soon.

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