Real Estate Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Real Estate Letter?

A Real Estate Letter is a document that can be used by individuals when they want to overcome different situations connected with real estate they own, rent, or work with. The purpose of the document is to resolve particular issues that may occur in a relationship between landlords and tenants, real estate buyers and sellers, agents, and homeowners.

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Real Estate Letter Types

A Real Estate Letter is supposed to clearly define the subject of the letter and offer possible ways of overcoming the issue (if possible). Its content can change depending on the reasons for writing it and the situation as a whole. Different types of real estate letters that can be useful in various circumstances are described below.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Real Estate Letters for Landlords

  • Lease Termination Letter. These templates can be used when a landlord would like to terminate the lease that has been signed between them and their tenant or tenants for various reasons;
  • Rent Increase Letter. The letter is supposed to be used when landlords or property managers want to increase the amount of rent that the tenant pays them;
  • Tenant Rejection Letter. Landlords can use this type of letters to inform their potential tenants that their application for housing has been denied;
  • Lease Renewal Letter. In this document, the landlord offers their tenant to renew their lease. Generally, the letter is supposed to be handed to the tenant before their lease has expired;
  • Non-Renewal of Lease Letter. With this letter, the landlord or property manager can inform their tenants that the lease is not going to be renewed. It can happen due to violations of agreement terms that took place over the course of the lease.

Real Estate Letters for Tenants

  • Security Deposit Demand Letter. The document should be used by a tenant at the end of their lease to request that the landlord returns their security deposit;
  • Eviction Letter to Family Member. Use this sample letter as a reference when drafting your own document to evict a relative-tenant from the property they currently live in;
  • Eviction Response Letter. Pay any delinquent rent that is due to the landlord within the allotted time and send this letter in order to postpone or cancel your eviction.

With the help of Real Estate Letters, individuals can take care of many property-related questions. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that real estate is a complicated subject that is regulated law in 50 all states. To make sure that the documents you create are in accordance with all legal requirements, you should reference the applicable law of your state and litigation practice in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

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This is a document given at the expiry of the renting period that indicates the size of the tenant's security deposit that is being refunded.

Use this ready-made template to inform your tenant that they will have to pay an increased amount of rent to be able to stay in the rented property.

This is a document that landlords and property managers can use when they are satisfied with the tenancy they have and would like to continue the lease with their tenant.

This is a document that must be completed by a landlord to inform their current lessee of their decision not to renew their lease.

If you are a landlord and have decided to raise the monthly rental amount on your units, you will need to send each tenant this type of letter to increase their rent.

This letter summarizes the main points of the prospective purchase agreement in which the seller will agree to sell their property, and the buyer will agree to acquire it.

Use a Real Estate Prospecting Letter in order to get more leads and deals.

Inform your clients and partners that you have hired a new real estate agent to join your team.


This letter must be submitted to a prospective tenant who does not meet the requirements of the landlord as this document informs the individual about the rejection of their rental application.

This is a document that can be used when a realtor would like to contact a homeowner after their listing has expired and their real estate was not sold.

A landlord may use this sample letter as a reference for their tenant to inform the latter about their obligation to provide compensation for property damage they caused.

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