Demand Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Demand Letter?

A Demand Letter is a typed or handwritten document that notifies an individual or company about a particular demand and requests to stop actions that lead to the infringement of the rights of a person or business that signed the letter. Whether you have dealt with a wrongful termination of employment, your tenant does not want to pay rent, or your customer owes you thousands of dollars, this simple document is the first step to handle the issue before you go to court and make matters worse for the breaching party.

Alternate Name:

  • Letter of Demand;
  • Demand Letter for Payment.

If you are looking for a Demand Letter template, see our library of forms below to find the one you need.

Demand Letter Types

  1. Generic Demand Letter. This is a generic document you can fill out whenever you want to put an end to the activity that violates your legal rights or ask the party to the agreement you both signed to fulfill their contractual responsibilities.
  2. Sample Demand Letter. Use this letter as a reference when drafting your own Demand Letter. For example, you can request payment for the construction work you have done and the owner of the project did not pay for it.
  3. Sample Personal Injury Demand Letter. This letter is composed by a person who has suffered bodily harm and wants to receive compensation from the individual or company responsible for it. For instance, you can complete this document to demand payment from another driver who crashed into your car and caused you to spend a lot of money for repairs.
  4. Sample Breach of Contract Demand Letter. You may use this template to refer to the agreement you signed with the recipient and ask them to comply with their obligations - for instance, the breaching party may be asked to pay the money they owe for a particular product by a certain date.
  5. Sample Civil Demand Letter. These are often drafted when an individual is caught shoplifting - let them know you will not take legal action if they compensate you for the physical damage inflicted upon your property. This way, you get reimbursed and the offender will not have to deal with the judicial system.

How Long Does a Company Have to Respond to a Demand Letter?

Do not ignore a Demand Letter – a lack of response may and will complicate the issue. Typically, when you receive a Demand Letter you should respond within a few weeks. Obviously, it cannot be true for every situation, so if you need more time to prepare your answer, you should write to the other party and ask them to wait a bit longer while you compile paperwork and evidence to build a stronger case.

How Much Does a Demand Letter Cost?

If you choose to reach out to a professional lawyer who specializes in the drafting of legal documents and request a legal Demand Letter, you will be charged a certain sum of money. Its amount will depend on the size and reputation of the attorney or firm you have approached and on its legal status – a solo practitioner, a partnership, and a high-end firm will charge different payments for their services. A Demand Letter usually costs between $750 and $5,000 – its cost varies affected by the amount of time and effort the lawyer will take to compose a document.

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This is a document that can be used to record the request of a person or organization to cease activities that violate their rights, to pay promised money, to fulfill contractual obligations, or to provide compensation for any physical harm or property damage.

This is a written statement that informs a recipient about a certain demand and typically asks for monetary compensation for the property damage or injury that occurred through the fault of the letter reader.

You may use this letter as a formal document sent by one party of an agreement to another party, to notify them about the violation of the terms of their contract.

This statement may be sent by an individual who has suffered a physical injury to an organization or person responsible for this harm with a request for financial compensation.

This sample can be used as a reference when an individual must use a written final request for money that is owed by a debtor.

This letter gives notification about a certain demand and reminds the recipient about their responsibilities that had not been fulfilled.

A former employee may use this type of template to send to their employer to ask the latter for the last paycheck they are owed.

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