Credit Dispute Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Credit Dispute Letter?

A Credit Dispute Letter is a document that an individual can submit to the credit bureau if they believe that their credit report contains inaccurate or incomplete information. The purpose of the document is to inform the credit bureau about incorrect data in their report. Check out our library below to download printable Credit Dispute Letter templates and samples.

Alternate Names:

  • Credit Card Dispute Letter;
  • Credit Report Dispute Letter;
  • Credit Bureau Dispute Letter.

A Credit Report is a document that contains information about an individual’s credit situation, which includes information about their credit accounts, credit limits, credit cards, loans, and other types of data that describes the individual’s credit history. Depending on the content of this document, the individual can be approved or rejected for a loan, insurance, an apartment to rent, or a job.

Many companies that provide services for individuals prefer to check their Credit Reports before making a decision whether they would like to work with them or not. Having mistakes or incomplete data can end up with the individual being rejected in many different situations. That is why if the individual noticed an error in their Credit Report, they should immediately send a Credit Dispute Letter to a company that provided the report which is known as a credit bureau or a credit reporting company.

Credit Dispute Letter Types

  1. Generic Credit Dispute Letter. Fill out this brief statement to request the creditor to remove a mistake from your Credit Report. You need to indicate the number of your account, list the errors you have discovered, and politely ask the recipient to delete the inaccurate information from their records.
  2. Sample Dispute Letter to Credit Bureau. Use this sample when drafting your own Credit Dispute Letter. State which items you are disputing and add your contact information to facilitate further communication.
  3. Fair Credit Reporting Act Dispute Letter. Protect your privacy and demand accuracy from the credit reporting agency that has made a mistake in your file - for instance, you may have discovered they did not consider your debts fully paid. Attach documentation that proves your point of view.

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This document is a Fair Credit Reporting Act Dispute Letter. It is used to dispute any incorrect information on your credit report as per the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Submit this letter to a credit bureau if you believe that your Credit Report contains inaccurate information.

Individuals can use this type of letter when they would like to dispute and remove a charge from their credit card.

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