Credit Card Dispute Letter Template

Credit Card Dispute Letter Template

A Credit Card Dispute Letter is a document that individuals can use when they would like to dispute and remove a charge from their credit card. The purpose of the document is to inform the credit company about an error and cancel the wrongful transaction.

This type of letter is supposed to be used after you have noticed that your credit card has been charged by mistake. It can be a purchase you have not made, an overcharge for something, a charge for a canceled or not delivered order, and more. A Credit Card Dispute Letter template can be downloaded below.

After you have noticed the mistake, you should contact the credit card company as soon as you can. It can be a good idea to call them first and ask them whether there are any specific actions you should take. Then, you can send them an official Dispute Letter for credit card charges where you will provide them with relevant details.


What to Include in a Credit Card Dispute Letter?

To resolve a credit card dispute you can include the following information in your letter:

  • Personal Details . Your personal details such as your full name and your address will help the credit card company to identify you.
  • Credit Card Information . Even though the credit card company has this information in your files, presenting it in your letter may help the process go faster as well as verify your personality.
  • Wrongful Transaction Description . You should provide the credit card company with all the available information about the error that occurred. It can include the date when the wrongful charge happen, the name of the merchant, the amount of money that has been charged, and more.

How to Write a Dispute Letter to a Credit Card Company?

Writing a Dispute Letter to a credit card company is an easy-going process that is not supposed to take a lot of your time. It can contain the following parts:

  1. Information About the Addressee . You can begin your letter by designating the name and the address of the credit card company. If you know a particular department or a representative who is authorized to handle this type of question you can indicate their name (or the name of the department) as well.
  2. Information About the Sender . Here, you can write your name and your address.
  3. The Date . Stating the date when you have finished the letter will show that its content is true and valid.
  4. Introduction . In this part of the document, you can introduce yourself to the credit card company, explain that you hold their card, and indicate the number of this card and the account it is tied to. Additionally, you can designate the reason for writing and explain that there has been an incident that you want to resolve.
  5. Dispute Details . This is the main part of your letter where you should describe the wrongful charge and state that you want this charge removed from your credit card. Here, you can also state why in your opinion this charge is an error. It can be explained in different ways. For example, the merchant has already charged you for their services, or it is because the charge was not supposed to happen since you have canceled the order and you are not supposed to pay for it. The explanation that you have will help to convince the company that there has been an error on the merchant's side.
  6. Conclusion . At the end of the document, you can express your hope to hear from the credit card company and see the wrongful charge canceled soon. You can also promise to answer any questions and provide any additional information the company might require.

If you want you can modify your letter and add other parts to it as well. For example, for the convenience of the addressee, you can include your contact details in the letter such as your phone number and your email. Or, if you have already contacted the merchant on this subject, you can share with the credit card company the information you have received from them.

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