Cease and Desist Letter Templates and Samples

What Is Cease and Desist Letter?

A Cease and Desist Letter is a letter of warning to a person or organization whose actions are perceived as aggressive or offensive. This kind of behavior is considered illegal when it constitutes harassment or infringement of any kind (for example, a copyright infringement). You can protect yourself from unwanted or suspect behavior by demanding to stop the illegal activity ("cease") and not to restart it ("desist") by downloading one of our –°ease and Desist Letter templates.

Alternate Names:

  • Cease and Desist Demand;
  • Offensive Behavior Notice.

In some cases, a letter may not be enough, and if you consider the matters serious enough and have the time and financial resources you may wish to ask the court to issue a Cease and Desist Order. The official order is handed down by the court (or sometimes by a government body) and is called a cease and desist order.

Cease and Desist Letter Types

  1. Generic Cease and Desist Letter. This ready-made template can be filled out and signed right away.
  2. Response to Cease and Desist Letter. Use this document as a reference when drafting a response to a takedown notice.
  3. Cease and Desist Collections Letter. Complete this template if you're a debtor looking to stop the telephone communications with your creditor.
  4. Sample Cease and Desist Collections Letter. This is a sample letter for individuals looking to stop incoming calls from a collection agency.

Reasons to Send a Cease and Desist Letter

Offensive activity notices are normally used with the goal to threaten the person to whom they are addressed. They are formulated in a form of a condition or ultimatum, e.g. the letter states that the person suspected of an unwanted behavior will be given a certain amount of time to voluntarily stop their activity or you will take legal action against this person. The letter may be sent in one of the following cases:

  • If you wish the debt collectors stopped their aggressive behavior;
  • If you suspect a trademark, patent and/or copyright infringement;
  • If harassment, stalking, or invasions of privacy took place;
  • In case of a property boundary encroachment;
  • In case there is a breach of contract;
  • If you wish to stop libel (defamation of character) or slander.

What to Include in a Cease and Desist Letter?

There is no rule on how the notice must be formulated. However, it is important to keep the general purpose of the letter in mind: it is a clear demand to stop a certain behavior within a certain timeframe. Naturally, a detailed description of the behavior or action should be given, as well as the names, contact information, the deadline, and the nature of the warning.

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This type of letter can be used to officially demand a debt collector to stop contacting the sender of the letter.

This letter is supposed to be used when a filer wants a debt collector to stop contacting them. After receiving this letter, a debt collector is only allowed to contact a filer one final time.

A Response to Cease and Desist Letter is sent to the person or company that mailed you a Cease and Desist Letter containing a request to stop illegal activities

This type of letter is used to respond to a claim that you have infringed on a business's or an individual'ss intellectual or trademark property.

Use this letter to stop certain activities, like slander, libel, or defamation, breach of a trademark or copyright, plagiarizing an individual or company's work, or violation of a Non-Competition Agreement.

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