Cease and Desist Templates

Are you looking to protect your intellectual property or put an end to unauthorized activities? Our collection of cease and desist documents is just what you need. These documents, also known as cease and desist letters, provide a formal and legal notice to individuals or entities engaging in activities that infringe upon your rights.

Whether you're a creative artist, a business owner, or an individual seeking to protect your rights, our cease and desist documents offer a comprehensive solution. Our Copyright Infringement Notice Template enables you to assert your rights as a copyright holder and demand that the infringing party immediately cease their activities.

In cases of debt collection or non-payment, our Sample Cease and Desist Collections Letter provides a clear and assertive message to debtors, urging them to halt their non-compliant behavior. Should you receive a cease and desist letter yourself, you can utilize our Response to Cease and Desist Letter Template to address the allegations and provide the necessary justification for your actions.

For residents of New York, our Form DOS1533-F-A Request for Cease and Desist List allows you to request a comprehensive list of entities or individuals who are subject to cease and desist orders in the state.

Protect your rights and put an end to unauthorized activities with our extensive collection of cease and desist documents. Don't let infringements go unnoticed - take action today.




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This is a letter completed by an owner of proprietary information and sent to an individual or entity that has violated copyright law.

This type of letter can be used to officially demand a debt collector to stop contacting the sender of the letter.

This letter is supposed to be used when a filer wants a debt collector to stop contacting them. After receiving this letter, a debt collector is only allowed to contact a filer one final time.

A Response to Cease and Desist Letter is sent to the person or company that mailed you a Cease and Desist Letter containing a request to stop illegal activities

This type of letter is used to respond to a claim that you have infringed on a business's or an individual'ss intellectual or trademark property.

This form is used for requesting the Cease and Desist List in the state of New York. It helps individuals or businesses to stop receiving certain communications.

This type of document is a Cease Debt Collection Communication Letter in both English and Polish. It is used in New York City to request that debt collectors stop contacting you regarding a specific debt.

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