Cease and Desist Collections Letter Template

Cease and Desist Collections Letter Template

What Is a Cease and Desist Collections Letter?

A Cease and Desist Collections Letter is a typed or handwritten document sent by the debtor to the creditor with the request to stop the telephone communication through their work and home numbers.

Alternate Name:

  • Cease and Desist Letter to a Debt Collector;
  • Collections Cease and Desist Letter

A sample Cease and Desist Collections Letter can be downloaded through the link below.

Unfortunately, collection agencies harass their debtors at their home or workplace with demands to repay the debts. The debtor has a right to be contacted only via certified mail - the creditor can only send them letters if the debtor completes the Cease and Desist Collections Letter. You cannot call the creditor back and request them to stop their actions - to become enforceable, the request has to be put in writing. When the letter is received, the creditor must comply with your requirements or face negative legal consequences.


How to Write a Cease and Desist Letter to a Debt Collector?

A Cease and Desist Collections Letter is quite easy to prepare. There is no need to hire a professional lawyer or use legalese - this statement is typically short and uncomplicated. Follow these steps to compose your letter:

  1. Write down the creditor's name and your name. You do not have to add financial information or mention anything about the debt - whatever the circumstances are, the creditor will be forced to discontinue calls when the letter is delivered.
  2. List all telephone numbers which can no longer be contacted by the creditor. It is highly recommended to enter all numbers you use whether it is your residence number or work number. For good measure, add telephone numbers of your family members and individuals you live with and people you work with so that all of you are not bothered by the creditor.
  3. Directly request the collections agency not to contact you anymore using the aforementioned numbers. It is a good idea to describe the nature of calls you have already received and explain how they bothered you and violated your privacy.
  4. State that if the calls continue you will consider pursuing criminal and civil claims against the creditor.
  5. Sign and date the document.

Once the letter is finished, send it via certified mail to obtain the receipt you will keep in your records - it will serve as proof that shows you have requested the creditor and their representatives not to call you anymore. If you keep receiving calls from the collections agency, you can submit a Federal Trade Commission complaint after which the FTC will impose an appropriate fine on the creditor. Alternatively, you can file a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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